Becoming Danika

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by davey

Just having a very happy, contented moment being me. Aren't those moments priceless?


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David Pfeiffer

I'm 62 years old and I should have started the ball rolling on this gender/identity/self-image/who-am-I/what-am-I/(final?)designation issue long ago. But, never too late, right? And psychological gender, what you "feel like", is, as far as I'm concerned, mistakenly equated with, aligned with, and confused for sexual orientation and/or personal preference. Anyone else feel sometimes like you're a different species entirely? Like none of the gender designations really fit you psychologically? "Square peg in a round hole" syndrome blown up to mammoth proportions? As to gender displayed here, this program would not let me type in my own gender variety. Trans-human? Trans-earthling? I'm glad I have no grand kids...I mean, what would they call me? Transpa? Transma? Sometimes this is just all too much. Like right now. Time to do something Frankensteinish to an un-suspecting guitar. "Hello, my darlings. Which of you shall I transform today?" That's my therapy

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