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Brenda Leigh

Hi Everyone !!! My name's Brenda and I'm a 58 yr old M to F Trans Girl now living and working 24/7, 365 as a woman and loving it. I am on HRT and am working towards sex reassignment surgery no later than 2021, but I am paying for mine and saving the money takes time. I live just outside Phoenix, Arizona and I really want Dr Ley at The Meltzer Clinic to do my surgery, but I have also contacted two other surgeons in Thailand just in case. I have been aware since I was just 5 years old that I felt like a girl in a boy's body but my parents were not open to that discussion. That was 1966 and the term transgender was not something society was aware of let alone the condition. I lived a difficult life cross dressing and even living female for awhile in my 20's, but was not fully aware of "why" I felt the way I did. I finally purged in my thirties telling myself I would be all male, becoming one mean, unhappy, drug and alcohol addicted jerk, who actually became a member of an outlaw motorcycle club, (name withheld for obvious reasons). After spending time in prison I decided that I needed to slow down, get my act together, so I left my hometown moving to Arizona where I started a new chapter in my life. I went into business for myself, bought a home and started doing well when the old feminine feelings came rising to the surface. They were always there, I was just too stoned to realize what was making me unhappy. It wasn't long before I came across Cross dresser Heaven and took my first step by joining. It didn't take me long, I immediately spoke my mind and got the advice and support I needed. I was shocked that there were so many Cross dressers and transgender people in this world. For years and years, I thought I was alone. Things went quickly for me from the start!! I quickly started leaving the house dressed with my wife at first, then alone. I started therapy with a great gender therapist who immediately suggested HRT, (I was already there), and now I am saving for SRS, (NO insurance), and I have seen my planned surgeon, have all my necessary letters, just need the cash. Thinking back, if I had been better educated, if my family had been more accepting, I know I would have transitioned years ago, but things didn't happen that way. So here I am visiting Sanza Pell every week getting electrolysis, botox injections and working hard to look as feminine as I possibly can. I I can do it, a fat guy covered in tattoos with big arms and one ugly face, You can do it!!!! Don't allow anybody or anything to stop you!! He who You are!!

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