How I feel

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by msdanielle

A girl can dream, can she not?


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    Danielle Sutton

    I am a married male with the tastes and interests of a woman. My wife knows that I am feminine and “within limits” she says nothing. But over time it has become increasingly difficult to have no outlet for my identity. So, I came here. I want to have girlfriends I can talk to. I am fine chatting with guys as long as they relate to me as a woman would expect. A little flirting never hurt anyone, right? 🧚‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🌸💕

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      Tsu Chesterfield
      4 days ago

      That a good look for you & I completely understand where you’re coming from. I have no one to talk to either that understands & is willing to accept me for who I am. And no, there’s nothing at all wrong with flirting 😉

      Judith Orr
      Judith Orr(@judith)
      5 days ago

      Danielle…you look so pretty…and natural…and the glasses are a NICE touch. On various pages (like Reddit ones), I see many “New Girls” with these large, male-oriented specs…which seems nutty to me. Right now, I usually wear relatively small wire-framed ones (kinda like “granny glasses”), which I think MUCH better than that “other kind” (and seem similar to yours). BRAVO!! 😎

      What else? That T-shirt color works well with your complexion and hair color…and you look like a REAL winner (and seem contented with yourself).

      Last edited 5 days ago by Judith Orr

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