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    Lillith Moon

    Im a transgender female, im about to go to my first counselling session for dysphoria in beginning of december, im been transgender for about a year and a hlf now and ive always struggled with my life before since i was 16, i felt something was wrong but i could never place my finger on it, i joined the army when i was 19 and that threw my dysphoria all around like crazy, i experienced alot of depression until 2013 when i got out, i was 23, since then until i turned 27 i was struggling trying to figure myself out and when i turned 27 i met some good friends online who helped me out and i figured out what it was, i was living in the wrong body, i always felt more comfortable in womens clothing but was still feeling wrong, now that i figured it out a year ago ive been taking steps to transition and move forward with my life, so i now have the counselling to go to then hopefully start hrt sometime in december or beginning of january, ive never had any support irl until recently from my mom and my stepdad who i told a month ago and are supportive, but i dont have any friends around me that i can hang out with and dress girly with, im 28 5'8" caucasion with blue eyes and blonde hair which im letting grow out now, definetely wear female clothing in my room but havent in public yet, i look forward to meeting everyone thank you

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