Socially Induced Dysphoria

During a conversation the other evening with a close friend, who knows about my life choice here in France, she asked a question. I felt I should try to explain. It relates to something that has surfaced over the past five years and causes concern. I wish to share my observations and beliefs about what is happening in the world of gender.

She hesitated a few times, concerned that she may have upset me by asking sensitive or probing questions. I reassured them that when showing my trust by sharing the details of my personal life with another, as with her, there were no boundaries in the discussion. I am happy to talk about any aspect of my life and to convey information with honesty and truth to the best of my ability. It is important for me to speak the truth, as I know it can help others understand what it is to be transgender and what it is really about. Not some hyped version as portrayed in the media. Anything that I can do to break down the false perceptions and beliefs created in our world, I will gladly do.

She described a topic that had caused her some confusion based on what she had seen with increasing frequency in her daily life, business, and on external media. She referenced an article in the Daily Mail newspaper about the UK National Health Service and the removal of the word “Woman” on pages about ovarian cancer on their website. Basically, dehumanising women. This is an example of how they have changed the text: it was previously read as “Ovarian cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women” to “Anyone with ovaries can get cancer.” Is this the tip of the iceberg? I feel as if this may be linked to the idea that men can have babies now, no doubt a result of today’s modern science! Midwives are also being taught how to talk about birthing to men; I assume in preparation to allow for those genetically modified or implanted with a womb in the not-so-distant future.

En Femme Style

My friend and I had previously talked about the feminisation of men, and trans men participating in women’s sporting events, with the expectation of being treated exactly the same as a natural born woman. I refuse to use the word that appeared in 1994 that links the Latin word Cis with sexual or gender. The word Cis means ‘on the side of. For some reason, this newly formed word is preferred over Natural born woman or man. Using Natural should offend no one in its use or application, as we are all Natural. While applying a word that isn’t really required opens the potential to divide people and to create factions that may be victimized, monetized, and much more within our world.

I understand most may not agree with me, but we should bring it out into the open. While I live and represent myself to the world as a woman, I understand I will never be a Natural woman. I will always be the father of my children. No surgery or medical procedure can alter that – Fact! In my understanding of life in general, I cannot fathom how someone who has transitioned sincerely expects to be considered, and treated, 100% as a gender they identify as. Even after hormone treatment and/ or surgery, it does not change the basic biology of that person.

Of course, medication can create chemical changes in the body that affect the brain and physical body, but we have the same DNA and blueprint of life with which we were born. I don’t see how that can be challenged reasonably. How we present ourselves in the world is a choice we all have, and many do this in ways that are not about gender and unchallenged by an internal battle of gender identity. However, when we choose to identify in a gender-orientated way, we are challenging social tolerance and acceptance, governmental structures, and order. In our recent history, that was enough to be imprisoned, victimized, or even murdered. Moving outside of a defined mindset in society is often suppressed and dogmatised, to a point where people have lost their careers and lives because of it.

This is not my main point here, but it is an integral part that shows some of what has been going on within this particular and vulnerable section of humanity.

This is about how society is influencing and affecting the perception, beliefs, and understanding of the gender-confused community, and how it is thereby perceived by the rest of the population. I am trying hard to use terms that are inclusive. Where is this gender-confused world going and what is the limit of sensibility, if there is one? Should I be able to identify as another race or colour, or an animal? Yes, I know that sounds absurd, but where will it stop? Further division doesn’t serve the people who are isolated by words of segregation and separation. Those people simply become a target for marketing, or singled out for any chosen purpose, including attacked!

Getting back to my main point. Referring to an interview that brought some worry information to light, relating to young women in particular, who are being influenced and encouraged to transition, especially in America. The interview centered on a book titled Irreversible Damage by Abigal Shrier.* If I have understood correctly, a change to the laws in the US allows underage females to request medication and surgical processes to change gender without parental consent. A law that rules a psychotherapist or doctor isn’t allowed to refuse any such treatment if requested, facing the loss of their license to practice should they do so. As a result, many young women have fallen victim to the malpractice, leading them to transition, only to regret the decision after surgery and later in life.

Social and peer influence has created a rapid increase in the number of teenage girls identifying as transgender, involving irreversible surgical interventions that can have a huge potential psychological impact besides the physical aspects.

There are numerous interviews, on various platforms, with young women who have suffered this malpractice, who discuss how life-changing procedures were approved at an age when they had not fully developed into their birth gender, or with a full understanding of themselves. Resulting in heartbreaking accounts of troubled awareness at realising what they had done to themselves and thus being remorseful in hindsight.

When bringing to focus on what is happening within the gender questioning community, we must look at both natural genders. How men and women are being affected through the media and how the narrative of today is to change the view of themselves in a way that feels somewhat like a fashion, trend, or fad. It is laced with dire consequences for individuals and society. Almost as if it is being driven by a kind of social agenda that is not yet clear.

There are already too many acronyms or names for groups of people in the world, we do not need more. What began as Gay transmuted to LBGT and has now become an ever-growing acronym for those who need to identify in ways that differ from the majority. Ultimately, we are all either male or female. Any variation of gender identity is fine and is completely a personal aspect of the self. We do not need an acronym that uses the whole alphabet to be fully inclusive and doesn’t offend anyone. Being a human being should be inclusive enough for everyone.

Looking at the feminisation of men in the world. There is an increased use of beauty products and manicures, images in magazines, and the media. Add in the male issue of erectile problems for those under 30, masculinity is being challenged, made fun of, and mocked. This is apparent in advertising, which has been a powerful tool in changing people’s perceptions and awareness for decades. These things silently filter into society and into the minds of men, women, and children, altering perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs about themselves and others.

Anything that destabilizes a person can lead them to seek different ways of identifying and wanting to remain part of ‘the crowd’ and to be socially acceptable. Being considered as an outsider or odd can damage one in this materialistic world. Where celebrities and pop stars are portrayed as icons to be followed and copied. A way where trends are created and instigated, often with an agenda of garnering influence, money, or manipulation.

Overall, I feel that this appears as an attempt to damage the self-identity of both men and women. Creating confusion and division, in contrast to the belief that we are the only ones who can determine our identity.

I sincerely hope to have provided a view of what is being introduced into our reality across the world, into the already confused and vulnerable world of gender. There are many other areas of society that are being affected in similar ways, which includes the education of children.

Below is a reference to the tagged interview mentioned above.

* An interview by Jordan Peterson with Abigal Shrier –


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    Keith91 5 days ago

    Well put. There needs to be a distinction between trans people and people coerced into getting surgery and hormones.

    • ' class='avatar avatar-100 photo' height='100' width='100' /> Author
      SophieFR 4 days ago

      Dear Keith91,
      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment about my article.
      I am encouraged by it, and as a result of reading your profile to understand a little about you and why you are here. In particular, that you have understood my point in writing the article and being who you truly are now in your own life. As always I share my experience of this ever changing world, being a ‘trans’ woman (a term I use only when needed), with almost 70 years of life learning. I write with a degree of knowing, living and breathing this life, and I am finding the current shifts in the realms of dysphoria somewhat unnatural as described above. I appreciate your reply greatly in this fact checking, censoring, crazy world we live in.
      Love and hugs

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    Airlane1979 6 days ago

    I was deeply disappointed and troubled to see this self-hating, misinformed article on a site which should be supporting transgender people in a world that offers us precious little. Gender-critical feminists, sometimes called TERFs, are allying with religious conservatives and the far right in many countries, especially here in the UK, to roll back the few rights we have gained, in a campaign which is deeply connected to that which has ended the right to abortion in the USA. If we accede to their demands, we will be the losers for the rest of our lives.

    The referenced book by the actively anti-trans activist Abigail Shrier has been widely discredited for its dismally poor science. The notion that young people are being socially pressured into gender transition is simply unsupported by evidence. There is still so much hatred and lies about us being spread by the media and by politicians that living in a gender other than the one assigned at birth is still extremely difficult in pretty much every society, as we all know.

    The claim that “masculinity is being challenged, made fun of, and mocked”, one made by the far right and fascists in places such as Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, the USA and other undemocratic societies, again has no basis in reality. The briefest glance at the latest Hollywood films or the output of the US TV industry gives the lie to the notion. Is Top Gun: Maverick, made with and for the Pentagon, deriding traditional and conservative ideals of manhood? I would like the writer of this piece to come up with evidence, rather than repeating standard far-right tropes.

  3. ' class='avatar avatar-100 photo' height='100' width='100' /> Author
    SophieFR 2 weeks ago

    Hi Brie, thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment, it means a lot to know my words and thoughts touched you enough to provoke action by you.
    I feel than you are not a part of the teenage sector of society that I refer to, and like myself, that part of life was quite some time ago. My view here is one that has formed by the things I came across that have been put out into the world from many source points across the world. I know not to fully accept everything we see or read, unless we have experienced it ourselves to give a first-hand account. I try my best to be mindful and use an amount of intuition when writing about things. Having not fully experienced myself, the sources of information that entered my world came from pretty good reference points. As such I felt I could sense how gender is shifting in general perceptions and beliefs in those who are a part of it and those outside as onlookers. Throw into that mix the power of modern media and we can consider how concepts can be moulded to new perspectives. Is short, I felt the gender world was appearing a little unnatural and moving in directions that felt more like a destructive and denigrating force in the world. How people are being continuously separated from each other in any way possible. An action that ultimately does not benefit anyone within the dysphoric part of humanity.

  4. ' class='avatar avatar-100 photo' height='100' width='100' />
    Brielle 2 weeks ago

    Hi Sophie,

    I hapen to agree with the article’s new wording. Transmen may still have ovaries and would remain at risk of ovarian cancer. One shouldn’t refer to transmen as women in this case. Same for transwomen who still have testicles. One shouldn’t refer to them as men who remain at risk of testicular cancer either. How exactly would this be dehumanizing to anyone, as opposed to ignoring and thereby dehumanizing trans people?

    As for regrets, the latest reliable figure I heard is less than 2% of trans people ever regret any gender-altering procedure. Now even one is a tragedy, but do we destroy the 98% of the success stories to keep the 2% from being unhappy? Then 100% of the trans patients end up unhappy at some level. I could be wrong, but genital surgery is not usually done in young children at all. They take puberty blockers for some period of time, then hormones for at least a year, then surgery after extensive therapy and counseling. At least in North America that is the standard of care as I understand it.

    If peer pressure was a majority of the influence, almost no one would want to transition. Starting to identify as the opposite gender that one is assigned at birth causes extreme distress to conform, not to change. So that premise doesn’t make much sense to me at all.

    Peer pressure caused me to be miserable as a boy and man. It was when I finally learned there is a medical reason to my dysphoria, that I actually understood I could fix it and not feel like a freak the remainder of my life. If I’d known this 40-50 years ago, I’d have had a much more settled life all those years and my wife wouldn’t be suffering from the fallout of my dysphoria.

    This is a great article since it makes one stop to think about both sides of the issues. If women feel they are being dehumanized by transwomen, do men feel they are being dehumanized by trans men? I tend to doubt that. There are much more social pressures being exerted against women, which I empathize with and understand as much as I am able to. But I’m not sure how my transitioning or another girl or woman transitioning FTM is dehumanizing to anyone else. That I don’t know if I’ll ever really grasp.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking article! I really do love it!!



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