To See a Gift

I sat at my computer writing. A few articles for our site here and a few others. I also write articles or posts for my own site and have a column in our local paper that is published every week.

One of the things I attempt to achieve with each writing is to touch at least one person in support of their awakening to their truth while I journey forward on my own adventures.

I can always reach forward to be pulled up when my ass is dragging, and I can reach out to pull someone who is struggling a little bit further along if they choose it.

En Femme Style

I once heard a phrase; “to those who are aware, we hide nothing” and I really began to enjoy it once I understood it. I have lived most of my life unconsciously. Playing a part or a role, but not even knowing it at the time.

Cyn recently wrote about the song “Let it Go!” from that cute little movie “Frozen”. Yes, I watched it and yes, there’s a reason my nick-name has been Tink; I love those shows!

There are so many songs, books, stories and poems sharing incredible life changing information. Many times, for free and sitting right under our cute noses! Depending on how aware we are in that very moment, will determine what we hear or experience.

Then, out of nowhere comes an article explaining a perspective and understanding of a simple children’s song that has such a profound impact on our community that it alters the way many of us think in an instant, and it can last forever.

Cyn has written a piece that reveals to us a truth that can alter the course of our lives if we choose that. To learn self-acceptance has been and still is a huge part of my adventure. To refuse to care about what others think about how I choose “to be” on the planet. To come to the mind that says, I can express my authenticity without violating the rights of others, instead of feeling so angry and resentful of certain oppressors.

The song and the story are beautiful gifts for us. And you my friends, each of you who share and contribute here are helping to shape the tomorrows we each experience. Each of us has the power to touch the soul of someone whose life might be spared because they read your story and listened to a song differently for the first time.

You are the greatest gift of all! You have the power to create a new future for anyone who lives under the shimmer and shine of the rainbow. Write your story, share with us a song and tell everyone we are all here sharing and expanding, what ever body parts we have and what ever gender we identify with.

Sensitive, kind, caring, strong and confident; sometimes afraid, moody and snobby or insecure.

I am that, as are we all. To see the gift, simply look in the mirror. Take off the idea glasses that say anything negative about you and put on your rose-colored, I am learning to truly love me glasses.

The power to create is in each one of us and we can all shape our tomorrows by coming out of the closed rooms, drawn curtains and shame filled corners. Always safely, always steadfast we move forward to emancipation of our own minds.

It doesn’t really matter what presidents, kings and queens think, say or do. It doesn’t really matter how uninformed minds act right now. So yes, let the storm rage on, and stay true to your spirit; the butterfly has no easy time coming out of the cocoon.

Here I stand and here I’ll stay! The rally cry we all hear, feel and are taking – action on every day in the very best way we know possible; that makes you my hero.

To see a gift, look, in the mirror; the gift is you…so share and support one person to their awareness of their greatness.



En Femme Style

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From a life of struggle, addiction and suicide attempts, to Published Author, Certified Life Coach/Certified Hypnotist and building an online support service for peeps like us. Intentionally and Consciously Creating a Rewarding, Abundant Life of Purpose, Passion & Possibility is what I Am all about...

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𝓜𝒾𝓈𝓈 𝓒𝓁ℴℯ́ 💋💋
Active Member
5 years ago

Your words and Cyn’s are gifts in themselves. Helping your readers deal with the questions and hurdles that are answerable within ourselves, but need a light to reveal. Sometimes the butterfly has to let go of everything it found comforting in its old life to find their true peace. Not a very easy task. But still…. necessary and possible.

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