Full Glam Look with Maxine Heron

In this Video Session Jessica will be teaching how best to apply makeup for beginners and teach you how to create the perfect everyday look. Jessica also answers questions from Transgender Heaven members.

Full Glam Look


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Dawn – What’s that matte primer called?

Cynthia – Do we need to do bottom lashes with mascara? Or is that unnecessary?

Jennifer – How long does it take you to do your makeup?

Cynthia – Speaking of winter versus summer- do you change up anything when putting on makeup in summer? For instance, I have lighter skin, so I get redder in summer

Rosalind – Do you use eyeliner? I have tried using it and it does seem to improve my small eyes, but I find it difficult to keep it close to the lash line

Cloe – Can we get a list of all products used in the presentation at the end?

Cynthia – Yes, eyeliner is evil. I can never get that even close to looking good. Is pencil or liquid eyeliner easier?

Jennifer – Yes it is great. What about makeup for those of us who are older. Any suggestions?

Rosalind – Are the products available in shops or just online?

Liz – Any tips on preventing smudges when applying mascara?It happens to me once in a while

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About Maxine

Maxine joins us as Marketing Manager at Jecca Blac! Having joined Jecca Blac’s team in June, Maxine has a passion for cruelty free makeup solutions for all genders, identities and expressions. She’s joining us to create a full glam look using Jecca Blac products!

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