Volunteers Needed: Media Review Feature

Hello, all you fabulous people!

Crossdresser Heaven and Transgender Heaven is developing a new feature which will focus on reviews of books, movies, and shows that would have a special appeal to our members. These would include storylines involving transgender or gender expansive characters and themes, stories of empowerment, and any entertainment media that you have found inspiring or helpful in your journey. The idea is not to do a critical review, but to bring to the attention of other members things they might find worth checking out.

What we are looking for are volunteers to be part of a team of five that will first help develop the project and then take on the work of verifying the review/recommendation, coordinate with the member submitting it, promote and recruit folks to write recommendations, and could involve editing work as well. Oh, and you’ll also have the opportunity to write for the feature yourself.


This would be a regular weekly feature that would appear separate from general articles. Members of the team need to have a working knowledge of media with transgender and gender expansive themes and characters as well as changing trends in how such characters are portrayed.

Those of us who are old and withered remember well the days when crossdressing and transgender characters were used merely as joke characters in line with the town drunk and “semi-functional man with a head injury.” That has changed a lot in the past decade or so. “Laugh at the ‘tranny'” is no longer the default for transgender and gender expansive characters. Some are quite heroic these days. On Television for Teenage Girls, aka the CW, there is even a transgender superhero.

We’ve come a long way, baby. We want to recognize that.

I am a strong believer in the empowering nature of representative characters that people can draw inspiration from and stories that leave you filled with hope and the feeling that maybe anything is possible. If you share this feeling and would like to help develop and drive this project, drop me an email at [email protected] with the title “Media Project.”

Much love and kittens,
Captain Dionysus

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5 years ago

I am would love to help xxx

5 years ago

I would love to help, I’m an avid reader of both fictional and non-fictional books (mostly transgender) as well as, well done trans related movies. Let me know what I can do.

Renee Devereaux
Renee Devereaux(@reneedevereaux)
5 years ago

I’d love to be involved! I posted a book review in the forums before and would welcome a chance to do some more.

(((Marianne))) ✡️ 🌈
Active Member
5 years ago

Please, count me in! With a focused topic, I can write! Also, me being a movie and book chick, this seems to be the perfect job 😉

5 years ago

Wolud love to help. Let me know what i need to do to get involved

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