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The Transgender Heaven Ambassadors are a team of volunteers from around the world who help ensure Transgender Heaven is a safe, welcoming and supportive place for everyone in the transgender community.

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If you are interested in joining our team please contact CC Webb, our Managing Ambassador.

When selecting Ambassadors we look for members who have demonstrated empathy, who are active in the community and who will provide a welcoming environment for everyone who joins the Transgender Heaven Community. We have members from around the world, and would love to welcome Ambassadors from countries outside the US and UK as well!

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Profile picture of Captain Dionysus

Managing Editor Emeritus

Joined: 2018-06-30

Captain Dionysus

Last Online: 1 year ago

Profile picture of CC Webb

Managing Ambassador

Joined: 2018-07-01

🇺🇸 United States of America

CC Webb

Last Online: 20 hours ago

Not quite full on southern girl who loves being classy and is spiritual, but knows how to have fun of which being sassy with a heart is part. I really love interacting with people and deeply care for everyone on the trans spectrum. I began living my authentic life full time June, 8 2018. I'm a WV Hillbillie through and through, but find myself a stranger in a strange land just doing my best to be me.

Profile picture of Codille Benton

Managing Ambassador Emeritus

Joined: 2018-07-02

🇺🇸 United States of America

Codille Benton

Last Online: 6 months ago

Profile picture of Jasmine

Managing Ambassador Emeritus

Joined: 2018-06-30

🇺🇸 United States of America


Last Online: 1 day ago

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am a pre-transition transgender woman. Though I don't really like labels, if that's what it has to be, so be it. If you are thinking how did I become Managing Ambassador of Transgender Heaven, then I would have to say, I willed my way here. Just kidding, Vanessa asked me to. I am also a AMA at Crossdresser Heaven. I love my crossdressing sisters, but there is a time when CDH just is not enough support. Yes, there are many forums dedicated to people like me but, it just doesn't reach across the spectrum of what it is to live a transgender life. There are voices out there in the world that need to be heard. Maybe it is yours, or maybe it is someone who is afraid to speak their mind, or thinks its a waste of time and to much of a waste of time to argue with those who have no clue what is like to be transgender. So that is what I want to do for you, I want to hear from you, I want you to feel comfortable enough to know what you have to say is important.

That is why we are here, to grow in strength and numbers and be heard as one. We are part of a community that many would just like to ignore, but that is not going to happen. We deserve to be able to live a life of happiness and be accepted for who we are!

Welcome to Transgender Heaven everyone, if you allow me to guide you through the darkness we can make it to the brighter side of life together.

Profile picture of Maria Darlov

Assistant Managing Ambassador

Joined: 2018-07-01

🇺🇸 United States of America

Maria Darlov

Last Online: 4 months ago

I have recently met the love of my life, a best friend and a soulmate, all rolled into one very beautiful woman. She knows about "Maria" and is OK with it. We plan on being married this summer (2019) with a beach wedding as we both love the beach.

I love all types of music, country, rock, heavy metal, 80's hair bands, jazz, pop, even some rap. But my favorite is Blues.

Profile picture of Michelle Liefde

Resident Editor

Joined: 2018-11-16

🇺🇸 United States of America

Michelle Liefde

Last Online: 3 weeks ago

Hey there, I am Michelle! As an Ambassador to both TGH and CDH, I want to welcome all to this wonderful site! I am still learning who I am and hope to be able to give support to our community.

Profile picture of Rhonda Roe...

Assistant Managing Ambassador

Joined: 2018-07-03

🇺🇸 United States of America

Rhonda Roe...

Last Online: 15 hours ago

Profile picture of Sabrina MacTavish

Managing Editor

Joined: 2018-08-16

🇺🇸 United States of America

Sabrina MacTavish

Last Online: 1 day ago

I've been on this path for nearly 50 years, beginning at age 7 when I wore my grandma's old dresses with my cousins. It felt natural. Later, I went through the fetish stage and fought with my insides. After my divorce 13 years ago, I let Brina out only to bury her away during another relationship.

Over the last 6 years, I've found out more about who I am, the path that I'm on, and what it means to be transgendered. I've also been much happier since I acknowledged and accepted myself for who I am. I'm still much in the closet as responsibilities take precedence. It doesn't help being an introvert by nature, but I will gracefully walk (mostly, ok, not so gracefully) this path as I become a better me.

Profile picture of Vanessa Law


Joined: 2018-06-16

🇺🇸 United States of America

Vanessa Law

Last Online: 22 hours ago

I’m passionate about creating a safe space for everyone in the transgender community to find laughter and friendship on their journey. I completed my physical transition in 2011 and through it I lost everything, and gained everything. I am blessed that I was forced to gaze inward and embark on the journey to discover and live my authentic self. My deepest wish is that all who wander here may find peace, happiness and freedom.




Profile picture of April King


Joined: 2018-07-06

🇺🇸 United States of America

April King

Last Online: 2 days ago

I'm not transitioning at the present, but I have been crossdressing since about the age of 7, and took a 30+ year hiatus from dressing while I was busy with family. I started dressing again a little over a year ago, and I finally like who I am, although I'm not quite sure who that is yet. I only dress once a week or so, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and love going “all out” when I do. I guess I'm kind of a late bloomer (re-bloomer?), and I don't know where this journey is going, but I plan on enjoying the ride!

Profile picture of Charee

Joined: 2019-01-19

🇨🇦 Canada


Last Online: 1 day ago

From a life of struggle, addiction and suicide attempts, to Published Author, Certified Life Coach/Certified Hypnotist and building an online support service for peeps like us.

Intentionally and Consciously Creating a Rewarding, Abundant Life of Purpose, Passion & Possibility is what I Am all about...

Profile picture of Melissa Summers


Joined: 2018-07-14

🇺🇸 United States of America

Melissa Summers

Last Online: 4 weeks ago

I identify as a woman, first recognizing that I was more girl than boy, more daughter than son and more sister than brother before I started elementary school. For all of the same reasons that many others in my generation chose to bury those realizations -- mostly out of fear and ignorance -- I accepted roles and responsibilities, did what I was expected to do, and focused on external distractions that only temporarily salved the internal pain of living a lie.

Although the road that I have taken is a familiar one to many of us, the stops along the way are unique to me. I have started writing my story about that journey, which has been incredibly therapeutic to me. Today, I fully embrace my womanhood, though the process of getting to that point has opened my eyes to the breadth of gender identity and how it evolves in each of our lives.

Profile picture of SophieFR


Joined: 2020-03-10

🇫🇷 France


Last Online: 4 hours ago

Born in London, England and a life long journey incorporating two marriages and a long relationship that eventually brought me to France.
My two children and all of my family are fine with my choice to finally be the person I have always been.
I am a creative, artistic soul who loves good food,cooking and real friends.
Will I ever fall in love, will someone fall in love with me and does it matter?
I have the love of my family and some very good friends in my life




Profile picture of Marianne


Joined: 2018-07-02

🇺🇸 United States of America


Last Online: 2 months ago

Hello all!

I am Marianne, I am originally from Mexico, and now residing in the US. I am a "Transbian" i.e.: a Transgeder Woman married to a Cis Woman.

I started my transition back in 2008 and HRT in 2010, so this year marks my 10th anniversary! Don’t time flies when you’re having “fun”?

I have been in several groups and only now I have taken with me the responsibility to stop being in the backstage and become more active. My life has been a total rollercoaster with many moments that makes me wonder how it may have been if I only had someone to talk to and trust. Many of the wrong turns I took may have been averted.

I hope that by me being here I can make a positive mark and pass forward all the goodness that I have received in the past, and help others to succeed in their own paths.

This is the last “I” that will be used and let’s start talking about “you” and “us” and make this place a Heaven, because, as Korg said (Thor Ragnarok) “As long as the foundations are still strong, we can rebuild this place. It will become a haven for all peoples and aliens of the universe.”

Love you all and welcome to TGH! Hope to catch up with you in the chat, forums and groups, and if you happen to see me around, don’t be shy, I was and lost a lot of good opportunities already

I may be MIA when big things happen in my small world, such as Jewish Holidays or lots of work. I will be around, sometimes it may take a little more than "a couple of days" but I will always be back



Profile picture of Bethie

Joined: 2020-07-20

🇺🇸 United States of America


Last Online: 5 hours ago

Ten-year transitioned tomboy. Very into simulated flying.

Profile picture of Dawn J


Joined: 2019-06-09

🇺🇸 United States of America

Dawn J

Last Online: 3 days ago

I posted this on CDH, too, about two years ago, but I'll try to give you the updated & abridged version.

I'm sure we all have very similar stories, but yes, I’m a happy girl when I’m me. I am Dawn. That guy is just some other person inhabiting my body. I feel uncomfortable when I have to be him & pretend to be male. I’ve been crossdressing since I was about 11 or 12. Until a few years ago, I always felt like I enjoyed it– but wished I didn’t. I've always felt that the impetus that really awakened the desire in me, was a magazine article. I happened to find it in a closet (How appropriate). Naturally, I curiously combed the pages, perhaps, hoping to find pictures of naked women. But I came across an article entitled, “My Husband Became a Woman”. Suddenly, I wanted to see how it felt to be a girl & started trying on things that belonged to my mom & sister. It felt so good & actually excited me, sexually.

I’m pretty sure that my mom knew about it. She once caught me, trying on a pair of my granny’s shoes & I’m sure that she could tell that someone had been into her clothes– especially when I accidentally got lipstick on a white sundress & didn’t have time to clean it. And there was a time when my best friend asked me if I had mascara on (Apparently, I hadn’t done a good job of washing it off.) I told him, “No, I was taking a nap.” I don’t think he bought it.

I wasn’t gay. I liked girls & had several girlfriends throughout high school. I was in the closet, but when I was with the girls, crossdressing never crossed (pun unintended) my mind. Also, never really thought about it while in the Armed Forces for a few years. But it all came back when my wife & I were dating & we went to a friend’s Halloween Party as the opposite sexes. Shortly after we got married, I played a trick on her, one morning, as we were getting ready for work. She had her clothes laid out for the day. While she was showering, I put her bra on under my shirt. She couldn’t figure out where she had put it. I wanted to see how long it would take her to find it. Again, it felt good.

The following year, I admitted to her that I enjoyed it & asked her if she’d mind. She said OK. It wasn't often, but I got a little carried away, one weekend, and pierced my own ears. No one said anything about it at work, but I’m sure the holes were noticeable. Then, we threw our own Halloween party. You guessed it. She was a butler. I was a French maid.

Our oldest kids are girls. I still occasionally “dressed up” when they were young-- & asleep, but when the boys came along, I purged what little clothing I had.

Once the boys grew up & moved out, I found myself wearing some of my wife’s clothes. And, over the years, she has occasionally let me wear lingerie to bed. Our foreplay involves her doing things to me that would normally be done to a woman. She’s not gay either, although I have daydreamed about what it would be like to have lesbian sex with her. That said, crossdressing didn’t seem to sexually stimulate me like it once did. Instead, it gave me more of a feeling of joy & satisfaction– like this felt right & it’s who I should be.

I'm really opening up, here, and it is quite liberating to do so. Thank goodness that I found Transgender Heaven. I never really thought that the term applied to me, but in the past two years, I've done a lot of introspection and, although my therapist hasn't confirmed it (because I haven't seen her in a while), I've concluded that I am transgendered according to definitions I've seen. I’ve been involved with a couple of different crossdressing groups which have helped me find who I am & to admit to myself that I am transgendered. I was a bit apprehensive about joining TGH, initially, and remained somewhat guarded about posting, but the more time I'm here & spend as me, the more I know I'm where I belong. I enjoy the replies I get from my “sisters”. There’s acceptance & encouragement here. Five years ago, I would have never thought that I could be this open about “my little secret”.

I want to transition, but I have two major obstacles-- money & my wife. She says she would leave me if I did. I couldn’t do that to her. She didn’t “sign up for this”. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

I’m spending more time as myself, but I have to be careful not to upset my wife. We've had some pretty deep conversations. She’s accepting that I am a part of her husband; that he needs me. My wife even says that, when I'm me, I seem to be more productive around the house & assist her with “womanly” chores, but she’s worried that maybe she shouldn’t be encouraging me.

Maybe she’s right. When I look in the mirror at my male self, I'm not happy with that old man looking back at me. But, as myself, I’m very happy with the way I’m looking. Very depressing to go back to male mode. I easily “pass” in public-- as a woman 20 years younger than my true age. I look & feel younger when I’m me. When I exercise, for some reason, I feel stronger & more energetic as myself. Many people, who have seen pictures of me or seen me at one of those Halloween parties, say that I look better as a woman than I do as a man. I have to agree.

My wife even says that I've improved much with my voice. We've had some “Girls Days Out”, going shopping, having lunch & getting manicures & pedicures.

Sometimes, I get frustrated with my job & other things in my life, but I find crossdressing therapeutic. Put me in a dress and it completely lightens my mood. My depression used to be worse & sometimes incapacitating. Looking back, perhaps subconsciously, I was down because I couldn’t be a woman or, at least, look like one.

Is this what’s missing in my life? I’m worried that I'm getting too old to transition. But I don't want to live my whole life, not realizing my dream & not being who I think I was meant to be. How sad would that be? I think my wife realizes that & that’s why she’s reluctantly giving me the “green light” on crossdressing– so I can enjoy the next best thing to being a woman while I can.

Life’s short. Be gorgeous!

Profile picture of Marianne Tornander

Chat Crew

Joined: 2018-07-03

🇸🇪 Sweden

Marianne Tornander

Last Online: 18 hours ago

How do you envision an Ice princess of the snowy Scandinavia? Mouse haired, short sighted and slightly overweight? Hey, at least my eyes are blue!

Though still retaining a male body and presenting male most of the time, Marianne is merely a woman in mind, heart and soul and has been increasingly so since the age of six. I am married since 1995 and have three sons born 2000, 2002 and 2004. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2012 which made me reevaluate much of my life and in 2014 I so started going out in public as my femme self. I am now confidently presenting as both male and female in most contexts without noticeable problems. Most people in my daily life are aware of my duality but only my wife has expressed clear objections to have Marianne around.

Since late September 2019 I am on the waiting list for a gender identity evaluation and possible transition to female at the Anova clinic in Stockholm. Once I start seing a therapist, I hope to slowly figure out what I need to do to feel good about myself and my body and hopefully get help with at least some procedures to make my presentation as a woman easier and more genuine.

Profile picture of Rachel J Rose


Joined: 2018-08-01

🇺🇸 United States of America

Rachel J Rose

Last Online: 2 weeks ago

Profile picture of Samantha G.


Joined: 2018-07-07

🇺🇸 United States of America

Samantha G.

Last Online: 2 days ago

Profile picture of Sheryl Johnstone


Joined: 2018-08-02

🇦🇺 Australia

Sheryl Johnstone

Last Online: 1 week ago

65 years old, married 43 years to a beautiful supportive woman. Started HRT at 64, finally seeing the breasts growing that I wanted 50+ years ago.
I am out to all of our children and grandchildren, many of our friends and 100+ members of the work group I was part of for 30 years before retiring 3 years ago.

Profile picture of Tessa Cee


Joined: 2018-07-01

🇺🇸 United States of America

Tessa Cee

Last Online: 6 minutes ago

Just a trans woman trying to make it through my day!



Chat Crew

Profile picture of CatAnne Vos

Joined: 2020-09-12

🇳🇿 New Zealand

CatAnne Vos

Last Online: 3 hours ago

I live my life authentic 24/7 as female and 4 years on hrt.

Profile picture of Cynthia S

Chat Crew

Joined: 2018-07-01

🇺🇸 United States of America

Cynthia S

Last Online: 1 week ago

Crossdressed since age 11 til age 53 as of 2018. Joined Crossdresser Heaven in August 2015. Since then I have been exploring my feelings and trying to determine what my best path is -staying CD and just getting out more often and openly as i have been recently; social transitioning outside work; or actually transitioning full time; just not certain what's right for me.

Profile picture of Frankie

Chat Crew

Joined: 2020-04-11

🇺🇸 United States of America


Last Online: 3 hours ago

I'm a transgender woman in transition, almost 3 yrs into hrt now, looking forward to the day I can come out socially

Profile picture of Gina Angelo

Chat Crew

Joined: 2018-07-05

Gina Angelo

Last Online: 1 year ago

Freshly minted CD, but now realize I am better described as a Two Spirit. Finally free to be me and find my inner peace. A professional with two personalities and sexualities

Profile picture of Joanna Keller

Chat Crew

Joined: 2019-11-08

🇺🇸 United States of America

Joanna Keller

Last Online: 2 minutes ago

65 y.o. trans MTF, live as much as I can as a woman, except at work, always in feminine clothes one way or another, looking forward to living as a woman 24/7 in Nov when I retire. Lov meeting people that are open and accepting of everyone. I go out in public dressed and lov skirts, stiletto heels and dining out, wines, dancing and sharing life experiences with others.

Profile picture of MacKenzie Alexandra

Chat Crew

Joined: 2018-07-05

🇺🇸 United States of America

MacKenzie Alexandra

Last Online: 1 month ago

Under Construction

Profile picture of Stacy Ann May

Joined: 2020-02-14

🇺🇸 United States of America

Stacy Ann May

Last Online: 1 week ago

Hi. I'm Stacy Ann. I love acting, writing and playing music, movies, and books. I started actively trying to accept this about myself May 2019. I've known that I've always wanted to be a woman, but denied and repressed it for most of my life. I'm tired of feeling guilty about having these feelings. I don't know if I will ever get to the point where I will have hormone treatment or full gender confirmation surgery. Right now I just hope to reach a place where I can finally accept this part of myself and make some peace with it.

Profile picture of Terri Anne

Chat Crew

Joined: 2018-08-10

🇺🇸 United States of America

Terri Anne

Last Online: 5 days ago

Have been a crossdresser since age 13. I have since been closeted until 2016. Now I am fulltime CD. My journey has left me at times wanting to be more. I am trying to work this out and decide if I will consider myself a truly transgender.


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