Transgender Heaven Charter

Transgender Heaven Charter

This is our charter – the founding document and written articulation of the soul of Transgender Heaven. It imbues each action taken by the leadership team with higher purpose, it holds each decision to a set of principles and offers members and guests a window into the community we are cultivating.

Transgender Heaven Guiding Values

Safe and Welcoming: The community is a safe place to share thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams. It is a place where each person is welcomed and honored for their unique position in life, background or identification on the gender variant spectrum. We strive to be and commit to stay an inclusive place.

Illicit, antagonistic and bigoted behavior are not tolerated. Neither are solicitations – commercial, romantic or otherwise.

Community: This is a place to make friends, to find those to lean on through the transgender experience and to foster relationships that transcend specific discussions on gender or transitioning. Transgender Heaven uses the broadest sense of the word transgender and includes those who see themselves migrating through to transition, those who have completed transition as well as those who are happy with their specific expression of gender, whether it be conforming or not. We recognize that there are many ways to express what is to be a transgender person , and no hierarchy of transgenderness.

Respect: Transgender Heaven is open to everyone in the transgender community, and those seeking to understand it. Our members cross cultures, religions, political affiliations, race, gender identification and expression, sexuality, language and country. With such a diverse group it is likely we will have a diversity of perspectives that may be at odds, yet in the face of such differences we show respect for those who differ from us. Discussions on politics and religion are discouraged except where it pertains to specific public policy that impacts the transgender community.

Outreach: Transgender Heaven is a force for good in our community and country. This starts by fostering the best of us – connection, empathy and loving kindness even as we encounter those who are questioning and skeptical. This connection, empathy and loving kindness does not end at the doorstep of our community. Transgender Heaven is a place where spouses, family and friends are welcomed and those who doubt the transgender experience are shown compassion.

Reliable: Transgender Heaven will offer many resources for those on the journey through transition. This includes recommendations for therapists, surgeons and guidance on practical matters such as updating birth certificates. It is important to keep the quality of recommendations provided by us and the community high. It is our intention to ensure they are reliable, truthful and serve the interest of those exploring their transition.

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