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Looking forward into 2024

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To the lovely members of Transgender Heaven, Happy New Year!

The team at Transgender Heaven are here to provide a safe, welcoming and supportive place for everyone in the transgender community. 

Last year we ran a member survey, and were overwhelmed by the positive feedback you shared with us. 84% of our members are satisfied with Transgender Heaven, and lovely quotes like this warmed our hearts. 

“It is a wonderful place to meet friends and discuss our wants and needs. It also I think brings us together so that others do not feel isolated.”

We also received a lot of feedback on areas we can improve, and we’ve been hard at work the last few months.


Transgender Heaven Has Improved

Faster Performance: We dramatically improved the performance of the home page and member directory as well the forums. We also upgraded our servers to run on the latest “C3” machines from Google Cloud.

Modern Forums: The forums have been upgraded to not only be faster, but offer a modern, mobile friendly experience with new features such as gifs, large emojis and video embedding. Visit the new forums

Membership Search: Finding friends nearby has never been easier with the new, faster friend finder that allows you to search by country, state/province and city. Find a friend today.

More Features for Members: A new photo-sharing forum for Bronze, Silver and Gold members to share photos privately with the community. Anyone can comment. Share a photo on the new photo forum

Cheaper Membership Tier: The new Copper plan will give you access to Groups and increase your public photo sharing limit to 20 photos for just $9 a month. Try the Copper plan.

Annual Membership Plans: Get two months free when you sign up for an annual membership plan.

Events and Meetups: Share and discover events and meetups in our events forum.

Removed Google Ads and Tracking: A project long in the works and only possible because of the generous support of our paid members. We have removed all Google Ads and all Google tracking to offer you a more private experience.

Improved Sidebar navigation: Easy access to community announcements and shortcuts to the most popular areas of our community, with Ambassador help just one tap away.

Featured Members: Every week the Ambassadors on Transgender Heaven select a few members who are featured across the site. A great way to meet new members in our community.

Featured Groups: The most active groups are featured so you can easily find your tribe. Join a Group.

Help Forums: For those needing help with any technical aspect of Transgender Heaven. Visit the Help Center


Looking forward to 2024

We’ve got great things in store for 2024 as well!

You can look forward to a newly upgraded home page, browsing members by location, more integrated news feed and groups, new video sessions and growing community of members from all over the world.

If you’re interested in helping please consider applying as a volunteer.


May 2024 be a blessed year for you and your loved ones!



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