Reply To: Clothing shops’ changing room policies

Dana Munson

Like some of the other ladies in this thread, I live 24/7 en femme, and so I also shop that way.  No changing room issues to-date. And no, I don’t think that’s always because I “pass” 100% with any store attendant present. Rather, here in So. Cal., it’s just not an issue for the store(s) – because legally it can’t be an issue, thanks to Calif. Civil Code section 51(b).  A store, gym or any other facility serving the public can’t prohibit a patron from using a sex-segregated area (changing room, restroom) that aligns with their gender identity. They’re not supposed to ask for ID, either.  So yeah, the exact opposite situation of what goes on in a few other states (not to be mentioned).

Of course, the law notwithstanding, it would be, ummmm, “interesting” to see how a store would react if some anti-trans female customer “read” me and started raising an unholy stink (hey, it’s a fairly “liberal” region, but we do have our share of bigots scattered around). But I’ve thus far rubbed shoulders with a number of other women going into and out of changing rooms and . . . nothing. Zip. Total non-event. And may I add I have thus far (knock on wood) had the same experience in public restrooms.

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