Reply To: It’s been Transgender Week of Awareness, how aware do we want to be?


Good Q, Lauren!

Well… hmm… Sometimes I think announcing anything about me is just an invitation for others to question and criticize who I am. It’s kinda like asking for someone’s’ approval. I’m not looking for approval, just some decent and mature respect and acceptance.

For me… I claim the mantle of “non-binary” as a way to gently draw-in anyone who asks, “What are you?” Every day I look feminine – long hair, make up, plus sunny-smiles for everyone I meet (most days). So, no matter what I wear, I get lots of quizzical looks.

Interestingly, everyone I’ve met on the LGBTQIA+ world always asks what my pronouns are. Not many cis folks yet do, assuming they’re cis, but I never ask. I like They, Them, She, and He in that order and my path is leading towards the female side-of-life permanently. One day I will drop the He altogether!

Our Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil is tomorrow evening in Barrie, Ontario and I plan on being there.

Hugs, :Barb

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