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I came out because I was physically and mentally exhausted I took the chance I would survive no matter what life threw at me. I survived the ongoing hatred, inequalities, bigotry, loss of family and friends, all of it.  My conscience is clear and the exhaustion has gone away forever.

I must live a pretty boring life a# not much comes to mind really. I do have this ongoing thing I have been doing for probably twenty years now. I will be walking down the sidewalk and see a homeless person begging for money. I go buy a meal and bring it back to them and chat with them about how they got to this point in their life, and offer them encouragement and hope.  I never know when I will do this as it’s just a random thing I do. It just makes me feel like I’m doing some good for having been blessed to be in the position I’m in. I spent last December in Punta Cana. While waiting for friends to check their groceries, a little old Spanish lady was checking her groceries in front of our friend’s and was taking forever. I noticed the cashier was taking out groceries and lowering the bill for the lady. Well, by the time she got the bill low enough, the old girl only had about three things left that she could afford. I politely stepped in and asked the cashier in Spanish to put all the groceries the old lady had, through the til and I would pay for them. The cashier obliged and thanked me as did the little old lady. Somehow doing something nice for someone else just make me feel all fuzzy inside, makes my day. I would like to think if I was ever in that position, someone would do something nice for me, just because they could.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year ago by Jill Lacey.

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