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Mary Curtis


When I changed my name, I just went with what my folks would’a called me if they knew I was a girl. It’s got Jean in it, which is my mother’s middle name, my grandmother’s, and my great grandmother’s. The last name I didn’t touch, because it represented my family heritage and it would feel wrong to me unless I was gettin’ hitched. Oddly enough, not having to choose my name made me all the happier with it. It felt like a real birth name, and it makes explaining it to people way easy. Maybe there’s some psychology there too but I’m no egghead.

If you wanna change your last name, according to me personally, it’s gotta be something meaningful to your roots. To say where you came from, and where you’re headed. To say to whom you belong, and who belongs to you. It’s the family name, after all.

Jenni’s idea crafting a new name from an old one, I like that. Anne using cultural heritage as a basis, I like that too. I agree with Riley though that it’s a personal decision and ultimately and entirely up to you. May you be pleased with the name you grant yourself, Mason!


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