The Color Pink

is there a such thing as a girly color

is there a such thing as a girly color, or is it a state of mind.

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  • No, its a state of mind 53.66% 22 votes
  • Yes, there are girly colors 46.34% 19 votes
  • I don't know. 0% 0 votes
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    Lila Evans

    Our whole lives we are told that pink is a girls color. Its known as a color that girls wear more than guys. If a girl wears pink she’s pretty, and if a guy wears pink he’s masculine “in touch with his sensitive side”

    DO I like pink because I am trans? or is it because I have been told that pink is for girls? 

    This is a psychological question. I suppose it comes down to the personality. Someone could say pink is their favorite color it has always been their favorite color, and they just like it because they do. Its just another color.

    I have been told that its a girly color. I like to feel girly so I wear pink, purple turquoise etc. Whos to say I haven’t been brain washed by trends and gender deciding on the assumption of ideals from those that have come before me.

    Some natural girls oppose pink because its too girly and they wear darker colors, and scoff at anyone who would decide to wear such frilly things. Growing up I was a guy who wore black with black and black. Those around me wore many other colors there were guys that wore jeans and plaid. It just wasn’t for me. So I didn’t wear it, I was told that I was emo, but I didn’t act emo. Is girly just a state of mind?  maybe it comes down to how other think about the color.

    You might think that pink is girly and so you wear it proudly, only to find out that the people you wore it around think its a masculine color.

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      Yes, there are girly colors if for no other reason than i want there to be.
      Pastels are feminine.

      Thanks for asking.

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      Hmmm…  This question caught my eye, the answer is yes of course there are girly colors and of course it is all just a state of mind.  As someone pointed out in the not so recent past pink was a masculine color; and little boys wore dresses, guys long white wigs in the 18th century; ask the romans, they all wore dresses as well as flower tiaras; and long hair and skirts were in for Scottish men and still is to some degree. Society has changed what is fashionable and acceptable for genders since the dawn of clothing. so it is very subjective and only a mental thing.  However in todays society (that is changing btw) there are certain colors that go with certain genders, and people in these society’s are raised in such that the mind associates some colors with certain genders. More than likely you grew up in the western 1980’s-2010’s world such as myself that made pink a color for girls in our minds.  So if wearing pink helps the mind feel more at ease with in your self, wear it, enjoy it. I know I wear under things that make me feel certain ways, even if no-one else can see them, it changes my mood. Fashion can do this as well, if you have ever worn a pair of 3in or taller shoes you know its is not for comfort that is for sure.


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      Ann Green

      I voted “state of mind” because, well, because colors are simply beautiful parts of life. When boys learn to fear other boys, they narrow their color choices and go with the flow. Girls can choose literally any color and feel safe. So they do – what color isn’t feminine when a girl chooses it? One shade of freedom for someone raised as a boy in the 20th, is realizing that colors are just colors and that choosing among them is part of the joy of being alive. I’ll love whatever color I choose to wear tomorrow, because I think it’s pretty. And I still love blue 🙂

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      Gendered colours have changed through history. In the not to distant past pink was a masculine colour and blue was a feminine colour. I say have complete freedom and wear whatever colours you like 👍 🥰

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      Carly Holloway

      Women’s clothing seems so much more colorful and often patterned. In comparison to most men’s clothing, which seems so dull and lacking vibrancy.  So, IMO, all the colors and shades and patterns. are “girls” colors.

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      I don’t really have anything pink except a light pink blouse.  I do think that florals are more feminine and I have several floral outfits.  Otherwise the majority of my clothes are black with white or red combinations.

      Thanks for this interesting topic Lila,


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      I don’t know if there really is a “gender color”, but I have always preferred pastels over dark colors. About the darkest color I like to go is teal and purple. However, sexy black underwear or lingerie is nice!I can’t stand the “male colors” of blue, gray brown or black in outerwear.

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      As a child my parents were building toy for me as a gift. They sneakily (at least to a 5 year old) asked what color I wanted it. When it couldn’t be rainbow colored I decided on pink.

      So well before I had any inkling of being transgender pink (and later purple) was my favorite color.

      Amongst my peers I always hid that those were my favorite colors instead picking things like blue or red to fit in. I was afraid of being mocked if anyone found out.

      Happily, when I got my last phone my wife encouraged me to get the pretty purple case for it. Small steps?

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      I secretly like pink from a young age. Before I even realized I’m transgender.

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      it doesn’t have to be pink, its just a color. Substitute your girly color with my reasoning and then make your answer. The question is, is a color girly because the world tells us its girly, or because it is.

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      As a woman, I love lavender, turquoise, teal blue, purple, red, mauve and I wouldn’t have a problem wearing something pink.   🙂


      Lauren M

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I have always liked strong colors over pastels. Pastels never did it for me. They just seemed to be weak and washed out. A while back I replied to a question about our favorite colors. What I discovered is that I had 11 purple items and 2 lavender ones. Other than black, purple/lavender items are the most prevalent. I do have pink items, but they are more related to fushia rather pink specifically…

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      Certant colors do make me feel more femmin so i would have to say yes

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