Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) also known as gender reassignment surgery (GRS) is a surgical procedure which alters the physical appearance and function of existing genitalia. For MtF (Male to female) gender reassignment surgery this typically involves a procedure known as penile inversion where the penis is inverted and fashioned into a vagina. The testicles are removed and the skin is used to create the labia. Many surgeons also fashion a clitoris, and try to preserve the ability to orgasm by carefully working with the nerves in that area.

Over the coming weeks I will share with you my experiences during SRS, some tips and tricks, as well as things to watch for before having surgery.

Doctors Specializing in SRS

  • Dr. Toby Meltzer: Dr. Meltzer is one of the leading SRS surgeons in the United States. He performs about 200 GRS per year and has been practicing since 1990. He did my SRS, he’s not only a skilled surgeon, but also a loving and caring person. I highly recommend his services.
  • Dr. Marci Bowers: Dr Bowers practices in San Mateo California.

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