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Just before my divorce, It was during my active duty years, my wife started telling friends and family and coworkers that I dressed up and would go out dressed in dresses. When I found out, she already had her and the kids bags packed. So it was easy to just let her go and then to put out the fires. We had 6 kids, been married over 15 years, She knew before we were married that I dressed and she would often buy me things. But she never wanted to be involved nor approved. So when I dressed, I had to go out somewhere, which was generlly out for drives, walks, and some times to a gay bar.

After she left me, I had to visit with family and friends, and a few coworkers and explain my dressing. Most my family knew and had just kept it quite. After tellling my closest friends I found out they knew already and didnt care. My job in the military was logistic’s. I was good at it and they needed me, so I was told as long as I kept it away from work and did not embarrass the military nor myself, they didn’t want to know. After that it was game on. I dressed and went out all the time on my free time.  As a female, I love all sorts of things feminine. I think that if I’m going to spend the time doing make up, lingerie, breast forms and the works, then I’m going to wear dresses or skirts and blouses. I take pride in my female appearance, I have some female friends that I can call and we will dress up and go out to the bar, dinners, clubs together, It’s so fun to be out. I do dress my age a little more then not. and I do need to lose some more weight. but I’m pretty passible when out till I open my mouth. Then it’s a dead giveaway that I’m a wanna be female.

I’d give about anything to be able to work and play in dresses everyday. I often dream of what it would be like to go to work in an office in a skirt or dress everyday, being around men, but having to do everything in a feminine way. I would have also loved to have met a strong woman that would have wanted someone like myself as a submissive sissy wife, I would have been a perfect trophy wife for someone, I’d have made them so happy to have me as there wife, home cooking, cleaning, happy to be in dresses, then being taken out in all my finery so they could show me off as the happy wife i was met to be

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