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When I started with my transition, SRS (or GCS now is the U.S.) surgery was a low priority. Facial Hair removal, Developing breasts and Brow bossing/Orbital Socket reduction were my top desires.

I ultimately did get my facial hair removed, had cranial hair transplants to deal with my widows Peaks, had BA surgery (as hormones did not deliver even a B-Cup and I have a very large skeletal frame), and I did have some Facial surgery for the Brow bossing/Orbital Socket reduction (the lowest risk version).

I also had an Orchiectomy, as after two years of taking Spironolactone I had a near fatal incident when my body rejected that drug.

I do now desire GCS (Gender Confirmation Surgery), my weight (and my difficulty in reducing it) continues to be the limiting risk factor for Vaginoplasty and I may have to choose a Vulvoplasty (or “Zero-Depth) surgery to remove what I don’t want.  (I have always been large, over 6′ tall and 325 lbs in the 7th grade due to a medical issue)

I fully support each individuals Right to determine which,  if any surgeries are the correct choice for them as part of transition.


My journey has been one of self-discovery and charting my own path. The advise I was given at the beginning of my journey has been extremely valuable:

“Move to the next step only after you are fully comfortable with the step you are on, wait until you can clearly see your next step before taking it. Your journey and path are unique to you in both the order of the steps and how quickly you take each step. Defining a plan and schedule ahead of time will not allow you the time to evolve into who you truly are and be ready for living your life to the fullness you deserve.”

I have also found that my self-discovery has involved peeling away the layers of the “Protective Shell” I created to be safe, loved and accepted in a society and family that didn’t even have the word “Transgender” in the dictionary.  Akin to peeling layers of an Onion, tears are often involved (for me) and the number of layers I have removed (so far) were more than expected and I seem to discover more as I go on.

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