Reply To: Does everyone want srs ?


Does everyone want sex change surgery ? Or you happy to just to live a life dressed fem ?

Hi there darling. I have done my research and don’t think it is actually funcional. Anti-androgens will make you disfuncional, ok, but you can stop them whenever you want and go back being sexually functional. SRS on the other hand don’t allow for such choice.

What I know is that the surgery success rate is high, but the satisfaction rate is very low. In my perspective it would be TOO low anywhere bellow 90%… We’re talking about one of our many senses after all, and I’d rather not sacrifice it. Take that with a grain of salt though.

Some, or most, of us just want to go all the way to satisfy something within. Be it a negative or positive feeling, I just don’t know how anyone would ever sacrifice a perfectly working organ to acquire a very disfuncional one in exchange. It boggles me…

Additionally, whatever are our personal choices, desires and dreams, we will always have to adapt. In the SRS side, one would not have to adapt, but learn from scratch. That would be quite ok for someone who didn’t even try to learn about her own pleasures, even when so psychological as my own, yet this is a lifelong, mostly irreversible thing and the fact is that suicide rate has not gone down on the other side of it. Sorry for being so blunt.

I couldn’t care less for my partners reactions. I’m me and want to be happy. There’s no choice I make in this perspective that doesn’t require to sacrifice another. That is the price of just being human, but more so when adapting to a new reality, whatever it is.

Just for gigs, I have tried cyproterone for some months. Even being completely uninterested in using my genital for anything, it took away not only my capability to use it, but my sexual desire altogether.
Well, there was no point in my life I felt so bad about myself, so glum, without any desire to live. I could very much adapt to that overtime, but I’d personally not do so. I still dream about orchiectomy, and very much know I would never again have a natural erection. I’m really ok with that, but taking hormones to nullify their presence, or doing a surgery that’ll make me less sensitive to stimuli are things I don’t want to bet on. More so when it comes to my personal health and self acceptance. I’ll not accept myself to be “disfuncional” in any manner.

TL; DR: I would not do it unless I would get a functional uterus in the process. You’ll sacrifice something for appearances, and could very much lose too much in the process. I have worked a lot to get where I am now, I would not give a step back just to be more “accepted”. There’s no acceptance other that what is in our hearts and minds…

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