Reply To: Would breast implants make it easier to pass?


Hi Lauren,  Yes I think that I agree with the others here and think that your best approach is to just be you.  If that involves a surgery, ok and if not that’s ok too.  It’s really you that determines your own outlook when you look in the mirror but don’t base any decisions on what you think others see.  When I first had breasts and cleavage (naturally occurring) I didn’t like them and I thought that that wasn’t me.  I hid them and covered them up.  Then when I realized what was going on in my body and accepted it, I was ok with them and actually would wear a low cut top or bikini.  Now that I’m much older (think granny) my breasts have slowly started melting down my chest and I miss them but I wouldn’t get them surgically replaced.  It’s just the latest version of me and I’m ok with that.  I have women friends that have no breast tissue and they are very beautiful and feminine and are happy as they are.  And then I have other women friends that have had several surgeries to change things that they disliked about their bodies.  In the end they were all just themselves.  Perhaps the grass is always greener elsewhere.  If I got the lotto, I would get a new nose.  For me that’s the body part that unsettles me the most but in reality that is the nose that I will probably take to my grave.  So, I think that you are as womanly as you think you are.  I hope this is of some help.    Marg

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