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Hi Dana!

Congrats on the name change!

“Transfeminine” is a term coined by Jane Nance in 1985 to best describe her feminine feelings as an AMAB. She felt much more than just a transvestite (crossdresser), but didn’t feel the need to surgically transition into a transsexual (transwoman) in order to feel feminine and female.

For some, surgery is the only option to calm their gender dysphoria. For transfems, social and sometimes medical transitioning is enough to experience our true female selves.

My transfeminine identity is a compromise that my wife is willing to accept. In fact, after a while, she realized that Barb is perfectly harmless and isn’t all that different than That Guy she married! My vibrant and maternal personality is still intact and gets even more intense when I’m Barb.

Thankfully, I’m part of a loving and accepting trans/lgbtqa+ community here at home. I also have tremendous friends in the U.S. too, so I stay as Barb more often than not. I keep my hair long, wear mascara and lipstick every day and have HRT enhanced boobs that would get me arrested if I walked topless on a pubic beach.

Someone smarter than me said that being transgender isn’t a choice, but what we do with it is. So very true!

Here’s where it all started. It starts on page 31.


Barb :)



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