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Oh Lee… I love your positive outlook on this! πŸ’‹πŸ˜Šβ™₯️ On the subject of whether you’re “deceiving” a spouse or partner by not immediately spilling all the details… I kind of think it’s hard to know ourselves what is going on inside us… How can we expect to let our spouses know until we’ve done some exploring and soul searching and even therapy on our own? It’s not deception if you intend to tell your spouse when you are ready. It’s self protection, of a kind. Everyone has the right to protect their own feelings.

As an inveterate people pleaser I understand the sense of guilt that comes from not sharing the information but at least in my case I wouldn’t know what to say just yet. Am I trans? Do I just feel good when I present as a woman? How can I explain this to my spouse Β if I can’t master the language to explain it to myself? I think it’s legitimate to investigate and get to know yourself safely in private before sharing with anyone else. Your intent isn’t malicious – it’s curious and exploratory. Intent matters, I think!

Just my opinion of course!

Love and sisterhood,


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