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Hi all, it’s been nearly a year since I first responded to this question. A lot has happened – most for the good, but some really bad. I am a year into my transition and I am very happy with that decision. A month and a half ago, I ditched all my guy clothes (except a few t-shirts and miscellaneous clothes that are androgynous). I am totally out at work and got my name legally changed to Brielle.

In June last year, my wife and I separated after nearly 41 years of marriage. It wasn’t totally because of my feminization, but the awkwardness and resentment of my wife from the lifetime of secret-keeping was a pivotal trauma to the marriage. We are a couple of weeks away from divorce being filed. We’ve worked out financial details and on paper, we should be able to move into a friendly relationship. I keep triggering her and have already gotten romantically entangled with other people online.

I am now contemplating getting “the surgery” since the equipment I was born with is just in the way anymore. Between the hormone therapy and just being alone and isolated for more than a year, I’d be happier with it all gone. I’m getting electrolysis and laser, and there are significant changes in my body that I am extremely happy for.

While I still struggle with feeling selfish, I am overall very pleased I finally decided to live as my correct gender.I am optimistic I can lead the life I had denied myself all these years, and be a role model and ally to those coming behind me.



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