Reply To: I don’t know what the heck is going on


Hello, HB. Hope you are having a good day/evening/night.

I realized i was a trans person when i was 17, i got it right one week after i talked to a trans woman irl. I did not had a long time of questioning myself, i did not had suspicious about my gender when i was a child, one day i just talked to the right person and a lot of stuff made sense to me.

This narrative that trans people can only be trans if they start with disphoria very early, reject their dresses/masculine toys when childs, etc… is total bullshit! In my country, there is a famous trans woman that only realized what she is at +80 years old! There is no age to understand yourself (in reality, you are very very young).

Now, if you are really trans, that is something that will take time.

You need to keep learning about who you are, take your time, you have your entire life to decide. If you have any friends u can talk about that, go for it, if not, u can try at this site (there is a chat function here that is great), try a psycologist (search until you found one that respects you, please), try fem clothes, try using a fem name online, etc. Of course, only try if this stuff makes you feel comfortable, im only making suggestions!

Hope everything turns out good.

P.S: You talked about altering your body, be very careful, taking bad medicine will only harm you in the long run and not make good effects.

P.S 2: You may want to talk with someone about this stuff you are feeling. If you want to chat with me, since im trans and im from a very similar age, i will be glad to help.


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