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It is overwhelming how hard it is for seniors, even if you have more than a year’s rent in savings, great high paying long-term job with no historical issues of any kind and high credit score, one still needs to expect being blocked and needs to be ready to bring in a lawyer in. My example: in a state that is it clearly illegal to discriminate ageist Trans people, I was told I did not have enough income which I was making way more than 3 times a year’s rent (with the same CO for more than 25 years) and had that much in saving with a high credit score. Even after offering to pay a years’ worth of rent up front with deposit, I was told no; i did not qualify. So I laughed and told them the judge will be laughing to at how ridicules and blatant this discrimination case is. I told them I would just hand their names and data to a lawyer and let them file charges. Told them they should be personally served papers soon to attend state cort. They refused to escalate to there management. After telling them a few times, I did not want to do anything to them and would help them get out of it if they escalated to their management or corporate lawyers to validate my case, I would be willing to remove their names from the suit.  I told them I would be willing to work with them to escalate; if they did not; I’m sure the judge would find it interesting. After a week, I got a letter from the corporate office out of state approving my lease. I’m sure their lawyers look at the situation and changed their decision. So expect it, be ready for it with documentation or recording and let the lawyer have his fun. If I had not pushed the issue and was looking forward to letting a lawyer have fun, they would have refused me laughing. Not everyone is as lucky as I am, live in a protective state like I do and if they do it to me, they will do it to you.  Find help, it is often free. New graduates take on Casses like this for free and it is often a easy win. Stand up, be nice, smile and get a lawyer.


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