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Tough one.  The motivations to be ‘anti’ are in many cases, based on religious and political interests. We have a zillion organizations worldwide doing what they can. Lately, it’s been one step forward, two steps back. Personally I doubt the stats that estimate the number of LGBT people worldwide. I suspect it to be much higher simply because the estimate of individuals in the closet is much higher than thought. Still, we represent a small percentage of the total population, but big enough to have clout. My hope is more LGBT get involved in politics, in high positions, where they can make a difference, educate fellow politicians, teach others we all have the same rights. Even at our level as nobodies, we can try to educate others simply by discussing issues related to equality, etc. Invite local authoritative individuals to LGBT events in our local areas, get in the media’s face. We don’t have to present en femme to fight for the rights of the LGBT communities. So being in a closet is irrelevant when it comes to taking a position.
Shaming someone has had results. Picketing outside individuals residences peacefully draws a lot of positive attention and the media love it. Not my favorite but it does work.
‘Anti’ individuals who are good talkers, have the ability to mask the truth as something it isn’t to satisfy their supporters. They need to be called out and forced to provide the hard evidence behind their statements which, as we know, they cannot do. Matters not short term as they continue the lies. Unless we continue to call them out, they will gain supporters to their false claims.

I suppose this post might get me in shit. Oh well, life goes on.


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