Reply To: Podiatry for Trans women: The agony of large feet.

Liz K

<p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ve seen a couple of posts on another forum about foot reduction surgery.  My impression was it wasn’t worth it.  Long recovery time.  Needing to be 100% off your feet for some time.  High risk of constant pain.  And an ugly scar.  This was for a reduction of 1-2 sizes.  Most surgeons won’t do the procedure and insurance won’t cover it.</p>
However, you didn’t say if you’re on HRT or for how long if you are.  There is potentially good news with that.  Many girls have reported losing 1-3 sizes after being on estrogen for a while.  I’m one of them.  Pre-HRT I wore a size 14 women’s shoe in most brands.  19 months into transition and I now can wear a 12 or 13 in many brands.  Not a big change but enough to give me many more brand options.  As an aside, many girls also report losing 1-3 inches in height.  The explanation cited most often is that estrogen causes the soft tissues in your body to shrink.  Hence, the bones in your joints come closer together.  As you may know, the human foot contains 33 joints.  So there is potential for significant shortening.  I think I have a chance to get down to an 11.  If that happens, I’ll be able to wear almost every brand of women’s shoes.


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