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Dana Munson

Hi, Mbee (my, an unusual name!).  Welcome!

As others have said, this place is not a dating site and any openly sexual commentary is really not in place here. That said . . . what DeeAnn wrote about the benefits of therapy are spot on. If, as it sounds, you are just now waking up to your “feminine side,” it may be that you need to clearly resolve whether you indeed fall into the “transgender” slot or are instead a crossdresser (that is, someone whose interest is in feminine clothing and occasionally dressing up, as opposed to actually wanting to become female).  A good therapist – one practiced in dealing with gender issues (critical!!!!) – can help you resolve that and a host of associated issues. It may cost some $$$$, but it can payoff big-time in avoided stress and anxiety.

Also, as has been said, this place is here to answer questions, so feel free to ping away.  This place has a lot of members, so there’s probably nothing in your situation which somebody here hasn’t already gone through.

Again. welcome!

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