Reply To: Silicone breast forms: what’s your experience?



hello and welcome dear.

I’ll offer my 2 cents but you’ll find lots of great advice from the ladies here, this is a wonderful place to be n ask our questions. I’m so happy it’s here, I found it n now you have too. 😉

ok so 2 comments.

1. i thought I was bigger than I am until a recent sizing by a professional at a bra store. give it some thought, you’re sort of stuck buying something then even not at sale prices but you’ll make a friend n save time n money buying the wrong sizes.

2. size of your forms. I have a large frame too dear, n I noticed some companies describe their forms as so many ccs/grams of weight n then something of a variable size chart depending on frame size..maybe 36dd, 38d  40c, 42b etc. ..all for this 1 pair of forms.  I think what they know is cup size seems to be big or small relative to your frame. so I have 2 sizes of silicone forms, d n did, but on my frame, the d looks like a nice b or c, n ddds look like a d or dd.  so consider that may want a bigger form for your frame, or not. I thought I looked conservative with smaller ones, but hell, I want my breasts to jut out n help my hourglass figure take shape, so I’ve started using the larger size regularly. whatever works for you dear.

3. glue. I tried gluing each size 1 time. it worked better on smaller forms. not well the bigger n heavier your forms get. another method I’ve used is I think DeeDee suggested, a good full coverage bra so my bust shape shows nicely but not my cleavage.  in time. I usually wear tight lace camisole over to use as backup in case wardrobe malfunction, or I also have used the pocket bras to hold my forms on n a second good bra for lift etc. either way works better for me than glue, but others may have glued successfully.  hood luck




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