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Great topic dear. Thank you.

As i think I’ve written before, i started going out dressed as missy because changing from missy to M to missy to M to missy several times each day was making me crazy. SO i started going out dressed and knowing i don’t pass, not even close. But i can be kind and just go about life. And most people, especially women, respect that and offer a kind remark here and there. Anyway, since i had  ventured out knowingly not passing, i was not surprised being called he and my male name I never realized it mattered to me until 1 night i was shopping at Torrid and a nice young lady asked me, and i down played it. Later that night as i recalled it for my Journal, i cried. i cried from her simple act of kindness and asking. THe next day i called the store and told her manger how professional and kind she was, please note her file. I saw her a few days later as i was shopping again, and we had a lovely exchange and hugged.

Do i still get HE and my deadname? yes, more than i wish. BUT when others ask, or call me missy or she, it just feels nicer. I even recently had a conversation with a potential laser hair removal provider and they offered to put the account in missy’s name, without a SSN and carry the note in house. That’s huge i think. it validates missy, as an individual.

SO i thought it didn’t matter to me, but ladies it does feel a lot nicer to be asked and called by your girl name. Thank you


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