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I totally feel you. I wish I would have done this sooner too. I’m working on going into the public eye the way that I’d like to. There is a really nice small Facebook group here that meets on Thursday’s at a very small bar. I’m going to start there. You’re not expected to drink and most people don’t look super young. There are all ages there. They play games and have dress up nights. It doesn’t seem to be a hook up type of meeting as I’m not into that. Families of everyone attend regularly as well. It’s about community. I’m planning on going this week if possible. As for my kids, I’m sure that my daughter would be totally fine with it. We had a great conversation coming home from her band competition not long ago. She told me that she likes both girls and boys (she’s an early teen about to be in high school). I told her that I’ve always felt the same way and we had a nice talk 😊.  My son will be a senior. He has lots of health issues and has been bullied up until 10th grade. I’ll have to wait until he’s out of high school to tell him. I don’t want to cause any more problems for him. He got into a special school and life improved dramatically for him. He’s now with his type of people. Kind of like I feel here and I’d never mess that up for him.
Also, I have a potentially great therapist lined up as I know the importance of my mental health. I’ve been in dark places before and never intend to go back there. Thank you for suggesting to see one.
It’s been nice speaking with you. I’m sure that we’ll talk again soon.

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