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 Cloe (CC) Webb 
Managing Ambassador


In the context of a conferences for transgender people, I think it’s appropriate.  Know your audience as they say.  There were non-transgender speakers there and TBH if she needs to explain that connection then perhaps she has transcended into a world where she is simply a woman and needs to make it clear to the audience that she is also Transgender.  Regardless, a speaker wants to connect with the audience and that one was decidedly a trans majority.  I know, I was there.

In fact she used 3 other descriptors before using that one, Transformative business executive, a leader in creating solutions to climate change, a developer of the electric grid of the future. Then when she does use it it’s to show she was the first.  First what?  Those original 3 did’t uniquely identify her, but simply painted a picture of who we were listening too and so did that fourth, first transgender CEO in the United States to transition on the job. That is unique and creates the bond with the audience.

If she was addressing an association of CEO’s about the climate change, I seriously doubt she would use the transgender descriptor.  It’s not relevant at that point.  That is unless once again she is  there to specifically call attention to being tans in which case it makes perfect sense.

At the outset of my transition journey I was introduced to a wise former ambassador to CDH who had transitioned.  I could tell she was reading me hard when I met her.  During a wonderful conversation she said something that confused me.  She said “you know, not very many people achieve being stealth”.  I had not even heard that term yet, so she briefly explained it.   I wasn’t consciously trying to achieve it, I was just trying to be me.  So here I am today.  I am Cloe Webb.  I am a woman and I’d like you to know I’m also transgender.  I hope that helps you understand something deeper about me.  If not and your’e interested, can I spend a few moments of our time together to help you understand?

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