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 Dasia Anderl 



I appreciate your input. We can all use whatever labels, terms, in whatever ways we want. I don’t have to like it, of course, and I don’t with this bio. Increasingly in my own life having to place Trans in front of my gender is like saying I’m an artificial woman. I like saying I’m a woman and leaving it at that. Using trans or transgender as a noun is incorrect but has become a norm like saying one is gay, lesbian, bi or any other GSM label. Perhaps it really doesn’t matter to most but it did to me. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

I didn’t try to be stealth either. Sometimes I wish I had. I thought, in 2015, that things would be fine to be out, honest and transitioning. It was for 6 months anyway. We do what we can.

Did you enjoy the conference? I bet it was nice to have all of those vendors in one place! What were your take aways?

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