Reply To: Depression

 Michelle Larsen 


Depression is a weird thing; I think. I say  ‘I think’ because I’m not a medical professional. Anyway, because of the way I think; I think, and plan, and think, and plan (you get the picture), and then one day, the switch gets flipped, and I just go an execute my plan. I’ve been that way all my life, and I’ve been pretty successful. And then one day, I flipped the switch to get ‘Michelle’ rev’d up and going. And then the depressing things happened. No, not about actually becoming ‘Michelle’, as in fully and completely. But in the ‘having to wait on the medical profession’ depression. For heaven’s sake, no one knows me better than I do. I’m an engineer, and I have noddle this thing six ways from Sunday. So let’s get a move on it “medical folks’; it’s very simple. I want these two things removed, I want these two things ‘enhanced’, I want all of this stubbly mess gone, etc. The having to wait to get it all done seems to be the depressing part. Once I have attained my goal, I will be one happy little clam. Okay, thanks for listening. Hugs to all, Michelle

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