Reply To: Confused… and scared!


Aw, Amelia. You are such a sweet heart. I love that. <3

unfortunately I am 100% sure that my wife would not stay with me. Especially after her reaction to finding out about my cross dressing… I really have to decide between my two lives… :/

omg, I never thought about being a wife or a mother before… 🙂 I feel like the thought of it is melting my heart though! If I do end up transitioning, I would absolutely love to get re married to another woman (trans or otherwise) and be someone’s wife! Then if we could have children (naturally or adopt) and the baby would have two moms, but I would be one of them! 😀

I get what you’re saying though about things not always ending up as bad as anticipated. I guess I would have to hope that’s the case no matter what I decide to do.

Ugh… I just feel so lost…

thank you for your kind words and inspirations though!!! 🙂

love and hugs!!!

– Abby <3

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