Reply To: What age did you know you were transgender?

 Karlia Ferrier 


I did not notice anything ‘in that context’ until later in my teens. But as a child I just thought it part and parcel of being a boy to go around liking girl things, and that is what love was between a father to the mother. I didn’t seem to wonder what my mothers reasons for love were because I always thought boys and girls were different and so I could not know anyway. And I always preferred to play with girls, they were my best friends for example often times (I went to many schools) – even to the extent I was ostracized occasionally by boys for not fitting in with their abandon for details and refinement. So despite reverence and adoration for feminine things from the 6-10 range, I didn’t ‘realize’ someone was not ‘normal’ until I picked up my sisters clothes and tried them on for no reason other then it seemed right, until in my later teens. I wasn’t sure why I was attracted to her skirts and wearing them because I was not aware of transgender or crossdressing concepts, culture or history – it just felt right so I did it. But because it was not ‘normal’ I did it in secret (still do). I hope to change that part of course! Thanks to those who have for leading the way.

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