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Sophie Bourne


I love looking after children. Really love it: it’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done. I will miss my two so much when they’ve grown and gone.

I adore music. Love to listen and sing along. Especially since I found my female voice again (higher up the register, but not falsetto; it’s what my daughter calls “head voice”).

I enjoy watching boxsets with my daughter. Lately she is into Friends (which I raved about first time it came out), Buffy and Angel (David Boreanaz… mmm), and Anne with an E. She also sucked me into Love Island. My son doesn’t watch much TV, but we do enjoy Doctor Who. The doctor who became female. Wow, just wow.

I love philosophy, especially philosophy of religion. I also got really interested in cosmology, multiverses, observer selection (the “anthropic principle”) and stuff like that.

I love bubble baths.

I used to go swimming a lot, but won’t do that again until I can carry off a swimsuit. Gives me something to aim for anyway.

I also really enjoy teaching and training people, especially when the subject is hard and requires a lot of teamwork. Especially when I feel I could jump in and do things faster, but the team just has to learn to do it themselves. I do a lot of this sort of thing at work. People have often asked why I didn’t go into school teaching… Sadly the real reason is that I always feared being found out and hounded out by mobs of angry parents…

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