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    Howdy my sisters. I have noticed that a lot of New Sisters express a desire to know more about us…most are interested in “What are your hobbies or things that interest you”. I know we have a short space in the intro for this sort of thing but it really isn’t long enough.

    Sooooo…….how about listing some of you like to do’s and interests on this “Topic Item”?

    Thank you!

    Dame Veronica

    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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      I love traveling to archaeological and historical sites. For the past few years I have been trying to visit as many Mississippian, Hopewell, and Adena sites (these were the so-called mound-building cultures if you are interested) as I can in the eastern U.S., I’ve been to hundreds of them, and I’m still finding new ones to visit all the time. I also especially enjoy visiting native American sites, colonial era sites, music related sites, and historic sites of all eras. I basically just find a few places that I can travel to in whatever time I can manage to spare and go. Most weekends you can find me at some site or museum.

      I also enjoy songwriting. I started taking classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music about ten years ago, and I haven’t stopped since. I love being able to create new music and express myself through music. I’ve written hundreds of songs and I play piano, guitar, and some trumpet. I tend to gravitate towards the old school soul, r&b, blues, and funk. I love music of all kinds though.

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      Cars is a big one for me. I don’t seem to grasp the concept of just leaving a car stock. Why spend so much money on something just to blend in? I compare it to an artist looking at a blank canvas. Weird I know, but I love it.

      Meteorology/ storm chasing is another big one. I studied meteorology in college (didn’t work out. 18 year old me enjoyed going to the beach more than class. Whoops. Lol). But the thrill of seeing nature’s fury, being able to look at a storm and understand what’s going on by what the clouds are doing, is unlike anything else. It’s a borderline obsession and how I connect with nature.

      I also enjoy video games, movies and music.

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      Terri, scale plastic model building. We should discuss this some more…… I love it, but don’t have as much time as I’d like anymore. Michelle

      Really !  I thought I was the only one out there who did this . I would love to talk about it more when you have time .



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      Few of my interest include mountain biking , spring through fall I’m always riding on the trails by the river back . We have over 98 Km of trails and is always growing .

      Scale Model Aircraft is another one of my past times . Ever since I was a little girl I can remember watching my Uncle Don build them and I just fell in love with aircraft which is weird . I don’t like flying and I have a fear of heights .

      Music plays a big part , but I listen mostly to German music . Everything for folk , classical to rock , metal and New German Hardness . Other then a few Canadian bands that is most it . Can’t stand pop , rap and country I will pass .

      I also do a fair amount of reading on psychology , socialology and anything I can get my hands on . Right now I reading up on the power of hypnosis on the sub-cons mind .



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        Michelle Larsen

        Terri, scale plastic model building. We should discuss this some more…… I love it, but don’t have as much time as I’d like anymore. Michelle

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      Jenna C.

      Hi girls,

      I enjoy traveling, shopping, reading self help books, the beach, sunsets and watching my boy’s play football.  I’m also a private pilot who would love to get up in the air again. Thanks for letting me share.

      love Jenna


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      I don’t like watching TV, I will watch movies on my pc. I would rather be outside, taking long walks, riding my bicycle, fishing camping. I like reading self help books and meditating. I was into amateur radio but it has been on the back burner for a while. I enjoy playing with my dog.

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      I’ll play!
      My big one is cars. I taught and coached people on driving on racetracks for over 25 years. (Think road course, not ovals.) I’ve driven on a bunch of racetracks, and I’ve ridden in and driven cars I could never afford. I’ve also met some famous drivers, like Bill Elliot and Robert Andretti. I’ve gotten consumed with my house I’m renovating, so I haven’t done it in a couple years.

      I also enjoy drawing, music, cooking, home decorating, clubbing, drag shows, and hanging out with good friends.

      Oh, and I really hate yard work.

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        DeeAnn Hopings

        Major motorsports fan since about 1956-57. Name a significant series that runs here in the US and I’ve probably seen it somewhere. I’m primarily an open wheel fan, but I also follow sports cars, drag racing and stock cars. I have a collection of car and motorsports books; many of which have been autographed by authors, drivers and team principals. Before I retired 5 years ago, I lived in Corning, NY. I would tell people with great delight that my kitchen was 17 miles from The Glen. I lived there for 23 years and visited the track for many events. If you ever get to the Village of Watkins Glen I strongly suggest that you visit the International Motor Racing Research Center (IMRRC). In effect it is a research library with books, newspaper clippings, race programs, memorabilia, videos, etc. Usually they will have a vintage race car on display in the building. GREAT Place!

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          <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hey DeAnn, speaking of the Glen,one of the best races I saw was Marcos Ambrose winning there BC he’s an Aussie and kicked US butt like Kurt Busch and Brad keslowski. You would know that F1 raced there until the seventies,so yes I liked your post. If I ever get to the states, I’ll look u up and U can show me the museum. Love and light Darlin💁</p>

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            DeeAnn Hopings


            That would work, except for one thing. I retired 5 years ago and relocated to the other end of the country. I live in the Southern California Desert now. Summertime here is a bit like Coober Pedy, but we are a little warmer with some days at 50C (122F).

            By the way, looking forward to seeing how Scott McLaughlin will do in the IndyCar Series. Obviously there is a big difference from the V-8’s, but I think he will be OK.


            Some years ago I got to meet Sir Jack Brabham. He was the Grand Marshal for the fall vintage weekend one year. Also, I have in-laws just outside of Canberra and we visited them in 2007. Our last full day in country was Australia and I did the SkyWalk on the Sydney Tower…

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      I think a few others have mentioned hiking but that is definitely one of my go to activities. I enjoy shopping, cooking, if I’m being adventurous I’ll fire up the grill, but I’m always looking to try new recipes. Other than that there is probably way too much Netflix in my life! Lol

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      Heya all!
      I have had lots of hobbies that I’ve gotten into and tried but only a few I can pursue, at the moment, because of current circumstances.  But, of the ones currently, I love hiking, learning new languages, keeping up on and learning more science (what’s your flavor?), sketching (mostly ink and graphite), playing D&D, whittling and woodburning, taking in and enjoying Art in so many varieties, cooking and deeply vibing in the occultic arts (don’t worry, only good stuff here).
      When I get a chance, I want to take back up playing the flute, maybe piano or guitar, going kayaking, swimming, sewing, more cooking, beading, jewelry making and perhaps gardening.
      Though not hobbies, I do like to have interfaith conversations (learning about other’s beliefs and how they express/practice them), philosophy musings(again, what’s your flavor?), talking about what could be (including aliens, multiverse and potentially fringe science; not a Flat Earther, though) and try to figure out what it takes to be a “real” woman these days.
      I nerd easy and have experiences with “winging it” when it comes to trying to fit in, so I can still be conversational even if something’s not my thing.  Is that a hobby?  Because I do the “winging it” thing a lot.

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      Howdy my sisters. I have noticed that a lot of New Sisters express a desire to know more about us…most are interested in “What are your hobbies or things that interest you”. I know we have a short space in the intro for this sort of thing but it really isn’t long enough.

      Sooooo…….how about listing some of you like to do’s and interests on this “Topic Item”?

      Thank you!

      Dame Veronica

      Car and truck restorations, CB & Amateur Radio (Ham Radio), 1800s Farming, wilderness survival, Shopping for specify vintage clothing, Civil War reenactments

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      In addition to the ones in my profile, I own a kayak that is older than me and I like to get out on the water, I love to sing (but not for money now) and I love to get a good deal on a market day.

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      Michelle Larsen

      Oh I love this one. I love history. I don’t care when, just history. I love the back stories as to what really happened, and why it happened. And plastic model building. That is so therapeutic. And computers and software. Well, BASIC programming anyway. I’m not good with any other language. Computers give me the ability to do things easily and quickly that would be next to impossible with a pencil and paper. BTW, I added this question as one I think Vanessa should add to our profile screen. Hugs, Michelle

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      I really tried most what is considered man hobbies. I wanted to prove to myself i was just as much a man as the next guy. Hunting,fishing fixing up old cars ect ect. I bought and collected more guns and fishing rods just to prove i was a man. My real passion is shopping . i just love to shop. I love food shopping . i will go to five different stores just to get the best deals on weekly groceries. I love antique shopping there are so many pieces of hand made pieces of furniture from all over the world that are in nooks and crannies of estate sales. I love window shoppiing in small quaint towns when on vacation. I love shopping for water color paintings or  hand sketches if mostly woman in elegant flowey dresses. I love the feeling i get when walking down the street of a tourist town filled with artist selling there work. I am not sure if shopping is even considered a hobby but that is what i enjoy most. Luv Stephanie



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      I love looking after children. Really love it: it’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done. I will miss my two so much when they’ve grown and gone.

      I adore music. Love to listen and sing along. Especially since I found my female voice again (higher up the register, but not falsetto; it’s what my daughter calls “head voice”).

      I enjoy watching boxsets with my daughter. Lately she is into Friends (which I raved about first time it came out), Buffy and Angel (David Boreanaz… mmm), and Anne with an E. She also sucked me into Love Island. My son doesn’t watch much TV, but we do enjoy Doctor Who. The doctor who became female. Wow, just wow.

      I love philosophy, especially philosophy of religion. I also got really interested in cosmology, multiverses, observer selection (the “anthropic principle”) and stuff like that.

      I love bubble baths.

      I used to go swimming a lot, but won’t do that again until I can carry off a swimsuit. Gives me something to aim for anyway.

      I also really enjoy teaching and training people, especially when the subject is hard and requires a lot of teamwork. Especially when I feel I could jump in and do things faster, but the team just has to learn to do it themselves. I do a lot of this sort of thing at work. People have often asked why I didn’t go into school teaching… Sadly the real reason is that I always feared being found out and hounded out by mobs of angry parents…

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      I am a Nerd!

      Gamer through and through with a career in IT. So technology, boardgames, tabletop games, video games, you name I have played some variation of it even golfing and bowling.

      I run 2 D&D tables weekly. 1 for all my guy friends from high school. They don’t know I am trans yet. And another with oldest girlfriends (never dated), her sister, and my wife. This one I am 💯 me in.

      I really gotta wonder though, golfing with be interesting this year. On one hand cute outfits, on the other I can smash my male friends by using the laddies tees ;).

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      Reading, listening to music, hiking, walking, boating, fishing and hunting, sightseeing, shopping.

      I’m trying to broaden my horizons a bit by learning some new skills.   I’m a student pilot with my short cross country under my belt, I’m very slowly learning guitar and even more slowly learning Norwegian.   Hope to begin building a vacation home for myself and my family this summer.

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      Like others, I love animals, both in the wild snd in my home. I’ve cohabitated with from 1 to 5 cats throughout my life. I enjoy classical music, mainly from the romantic era as well as art and history.  Thus i love museums. The quietude of nature is a blessing in my life right now as i live in a rural area but i also enjoy the cosmopolitan flavor of cities and their stunning lights. Mountains and deserts hold a special attraction for me.

      I’ve always been a thinker and writer but now want to find a way to create beauty with my hands. That’s one challenge i am now exploring and feminization is certainly one outlet for that desire.

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      I gotta say that I am the same person inside that I have always been and my interests have not changed all that much since I started my transition, but then I am early on with only 8 months under my belt.

      My interests are as follows:

      I’m a huge history buff always learning more about ancient societys and mankind. Ancient Aliens/Ufo’s and govt. Conspiricys.

      I’m a certified Munay Ki Shaman and although I stopped practicing professionally, I stay active for personal satisfaction

      I Love all animals and I am a continued supporter/contributer to The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kaneb, Utah. Best Friends has been key in several state decission to stop uthenization of homeless pets.

      I love learning new make up, hair & clothing techniques for woman.

      Continued Voice Feminization Lessons and Electrolysis

      I want to buy a new Harley Davidson Bagger with a 120″ S & S and a pink & black paint scheem.

      And last but not least, buy a dictionary LoL

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      I enjoy cooking, gardening, riding in the desert and working on my old car. A dream of mine is to dress in a 50s sock hop dress full girl mode driving my 58 around town!

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I have been a big motorsports fan since the age of 7 (now 71). I’ve been to all sorts of race tracks across the US: superspeedways, intermediate ovals, short ovals, pavement and dirt and permanent and temporary road circuits. I’ve met many famous drivers and team openers/principals. Many have autographed my collection of motorsports books. You would be hard pressed to find a professional touring series that runs here that I haven’t seen somewhere since the mid-60’s. I’ve driven a few race cars and helped a dear departed friend maintain his pavement modified.

      I’m a computer enthusiast and built a Hackintosh that I use as my desktop computer.

      Amateur photographer since high school and progressed from 620 roll film and Polaroids to 35mm around 1980 to digital in 2005.

      Architecture fan, particularly mid-century architecture and the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. I’ve toured Taliesin West, the Robie House, the now defunct FLW museum in Ann Arbor, MI, Wright’s home in Oak Park, IL and other structures in the area and here in California, the Berger and Beuhler Houses. Before I entered college, I thought about a career as an architect, but I realized that my artistic abilities were somewhat lacking. I became a mechanical engineer and did machine design, plant layout, computer programming, discrete event simulation and project management for 43 years. Not hard to understand that my interests all have a technical bent to them…

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      Miss Cloé

      This was something I struggled with.  I’ve spent so long working on this house, helping dad around the farm and working all the time that I kind of lost myself.  With transformation I re-discovered how much I like supporting people and photography LOL.  I used to be a fairly avid college sports fan, but find now I can have TV on football games all afternoon and not even care that I spent 99% of my time ignoring them. I still love being outdoors and hope to reconnect more with that and doing some travel.  All pretty bland I should say, but simple is how I stay grounded.  I’ll leave the glam life for evenings out and soiree’s 😀

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      Hi Girls…..well, I will start with some of my hobbies/interests.

      Crossdressing and Transgendering….well  …. Duh.  Sled dog running. History/Geography/Psychology, studies of female humans and what make them tick, Green Bay Packers, Military history, good and bad jokes, playing the Violin (now there is a bad joke!), all my Sisters, being outdoors in the country/mountains, shopping for new attire, womens’ issues and Medical Studies, Midevil life/Knights (am Knight Templar). That’s enough for me.

      I look forward to all your comments………thank you….

      Dame Veronica


      Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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        Hi Girls

        My interests include drawing, photography, medieval architecture, carvings and wall murals. Above all else is Nature. I quite literally wouldn’t be alive without it. I have a very sad and poignant story I am calling “how a starfish saved my life”. I cannot write it without tears and I doubt anyone with a heart could read it without tears either.

        Love from Melanie xxxxx

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          Melanie…….I can’t wait to read your story. I think I love animals more than humans….no…I know I do. Heartbreak when they pass….oh yah.


          Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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            Hi Dame Veronica

            Thanks for your reply. I’ll post my story in a different thread; I still can’t bear to tell the long version even after 23 years, it’s too harrowing for both me and the reader. It is known to a therapist and one other person. Not even my parents know the whole story. It does have a happy ending; I am still here, still alive just in a different persona.

            Love from Melanie

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