Reply To: Ovarian Glandular, does it really work?



Hi Ladies , I thought i would chime in here , on this since it relates to breast development . I’ve been taking PM now for about four mos. and have had some breast development from doing this . Before i tried creams , pills and even a breast pump with no progress , a waste or money . I started PM as it is directed on the bottle , one cap a day , i read were some had upped it and had some side effects. I can take my bra straps off and slide my bra down just under my breasts and measure across my nipples and get a measure of 41 inches . Before i was getting about 38 and a half , my breasts are starting to sag a little and this is quite nice . I use a breast cream , it is just to perk my girls up a bit as it does nothing to enhance the size . I am just looking to get up to a good B cup , no more , i don’t want C’s or D’s , just nice B’s in my bras . So far so good i’am not quite a full B cup , but i believe i will get there with PM . I don’t know about mixing PM with Ovarian G , i guess it would be ok , you would need to talk to maybe a Pharmacist . I see Walmart sell Ovarian G for about seven dollars , not a bad price . I would love to hear from anyone who may  be mixing these two . Having fuller breasts is wonderful , but go slow on what ever you do , always read the reviews , see what others are experiencing . Love you all , Leslie

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