Reply To: ever doubted you were transgender?

CC Webb
Managing Ambassador


I know quite a few later and late and life who came to acknowledge they are transgender.  For me it was my late 20’s when I had my “lightening bolt” moment that I was TS (TG wasn’t even a word then).  Then I reasoned it away for 20 years, adding layers of doubt, impracticalities and impossibilities centered around religion, responsibilities and finance and just plane old “dude in a dress”.  The closet doors just kept piling up as the previous ones would just not be enough to repress the truth that would surface time and again.  Since finally acknowledging that it was all a huge lie to myself I’ve been at peace with myself.  The world around me hasn’t been the kindest and each setback comes with the questions of is this worth it or did I do the right thing.  But then I reflect on the lifelong struggle to be what I was taught to be that had failed and I know that it was because I wasn’t being authentic most of that time.

Be true to yourself.  Something brought you to this point in your life’s walk.  Trust the decisions you make because no one else knows you better than yourself.

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