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Hi , I voted NO , i’ve always known i was different , i liked girls clothes , and would sneak my mom’s panties once in a wile . I was always very quiet , low key  , always afraid of any confrontation , i would leave , i was very submissive . I had no liking for a boy friend , and was afraid to ask a girl out ,so i just hung out with boys . I dreamed about being a girl , it seemed girls could get dates easier than boys , and i thought being a girl would be easier and quite wonderful . As the years progressed i became more into the fem style of life , purchased my own clothes , had my own apartment , dressed at home never out . Then i met my wife , fell in love and married , purged all my girly things , life was wonderful for a while . I would still get the urge to dress , admired how women dressed , and yes even still tried on my wifes things once in a while . My wife and i finally split up and went our own ways , i stayed male only for a year of two , and finally started purchasing my own girly stuff again ,and its never quit , i have never changed , i know who i am and i will always be this woman for ever . I can’t change , its like a permanent stain on me , it will not go away . I’am happy to be her , she and i have came to be in peace with each other and thats how it shall stay . Leslie is a great girl ,  she’s fun , soft , sexy and always in a fem style of life , i’am going to enjoy her for as long as i live . I hope i answered this question in a lady like style , i will always be a lady . Love you all , Leslie

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