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Sophie Bourne


Hello you all,

I’m Annette a since a couple a weeks i identify myself as transgender, at the same time i started Gender Identitiy Therapy to help me, first, to confirm my gender identitiy and next see what are the step i need to follow.

The thing is: sometimes in this past couple of weeks i start to doubt if i am really transgender, i am thinking if it is something else like a way to escape pressure, family, children, responsibilities or a life that does not completely satisfy me. I usually read about other TG’s process and the vast majority said i always knew i was a woman, i liked girls toys, girls clothes when i had 4, 5 or something like that. In my case i didn’t, i had some flashbacks but nothing else.

Do anyone sometime have doubts if you are TG?

A question:

How would being transgender, or not, change the difficulties that you mentioned? It would seem that they would exist either way…


Yes, you are right, this kind of things will exist no matter the path I follow but I question myself if looking for a radical change is a way to scape of all this things, as can be alcohol, drugs or extreme sport just to mention ones.

Thank you for take the time to analyze my question, you made me think and give me another point of view.



Hi Annette,

I guess these feelings are something you should discuss honestly with your therapist. Doubts snout what you are considering doing are perfectly natural, and it’s certainly better to discuss them now rather than a few months or years down the line.

A key question might be whether you have felt over and over again that you are in the wrong body, that you are (or might be) transgender, and have simply not been able to deal with it or talk about it until now. Or have you felt more simply “something’s wrong, very wrong, but I don’t know what” and only recently thought that it is being trans?

We simply can’t tell, but it might be that you are non-binary or gender fluid rather than simply (hah!) trans, or that you have realised you like cross dressing but aren’t sure you want to live as a woman full time. Or you might be trans through and through (you just know you’re a woman) but really really scared about it. These are all perfectly fine – by the way – there are simply loads of gender non-conforming people of all sorts, shapes, sizes and inclinations, and we are all wonderful and unique in our very special way.

I’m sure you will find yourself, hon, and whatever you find is going to be OK. You’ll have friends and supporters to talk it through with.

Take care, and stay safe! Sophie x






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