Reply To: Are you “Transgender” or “Woman” (or “Man”)?

Stephanie Kennedy


Its a great question I believe I will always be a transgender woman. This life long battle has just worn me out. I was not born with the body that matched my brain. I have to accept I will never be considered a “woman’ by society in general. It is enough that this community does accept me . I no longer have any shame about who I am. That was huge for me . Trying to explain to others out side this community WHY I feel this way is just getting tiresome. I know they will never understand. How could they? It must be wonderful to be born with a body and brain that were in sync with each other . No matter how much success I ever achieved in my life, my gender identity always came into question by me. I hid it from most and only expressed it when i got tired of hiding. That should of been settled at birth so long ago. I guess I am still a little angry about having to still deal with this issue. It just will not go away. Maybe the reason for these feelings i have are getting so much more intense is a reminder that this issue needs to be resolved. I have no problem defending or even advocating for those who have our issue because these feelings are real and you in this community are proof. We do have to work together an support each other so that future generations that may have to deal with this issue can get the help they need before their bodes start to change. Just a few thoughts Luv Stephanie

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