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Thank you for posting such an interesting piece, it has sparked off my need to write something here!

Firstly, I need to state that I dislike any use of a ‘Tag’ to describe us and any other group of people in the world. We are human beings and all made of the same stuff, like it or not.

However it appears that we are stuck with such terms for the time being. I have never taken part in a Pride procession or march, but I have seen images and spoken with friends around the world. It appears the issue is exasperated by how those people choose to present themselves to world, by wearing sexually orientated dress which is more suited to a porn film, and as suggested in the article.

This is not how most people go about their day and certainly not the likes of most of us. I would question a percentage of those who take part may not either! But they do on that day or at that event. Clearly by doing so they do create a bad impression socially for those of us who are struggling just to live a full and happy life in our chosen way. But, rather like the how media and including Hollywood, have distorted the public perception of anyone outside the hetrosexual bubble and within the wide array of free choice with their sexuality is seen as a pervert, socially repulsive and likely to be a sex worker. One can only wonder if that public behaviour is backed and encouraged by the same people who control the media?

To get back to your main point, I would agree in principal our way of life is not represented well under the LGBTQ banner, but not sure that yet another public group is the answer! I don’t have a better suggestions right now, but perhaps if more of us are able to reach positions of high social respectability and in high profile jobs, that would serve our interests better. I am sure that this will happen, but all things take time to grow into their natural state and place in the world. We are sadly in a period where many things socially are in decline, added to by the current worldwide situation, but keep your faith as nature always creates a balance in the world.

My final words are, that colletively we are a force, if we can focus and come togther with a mindset that serves us well, unites us globally, holds us togther by our strong principles and beliefs, we may have a good chance of this changing this sooner. Why sites like this are so very important in our lives, to have such a unique platform to voice our concerns, successes and failure, learnings and experiences and to share among others within our compassionate and loving community
Sophie xx

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