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      If there were technology that would allow you to move your mind and soul into an ideal body, grown without a mind or soul of its own,  would you choose to change and if so when? What would your ideal body look like? Consider that this will be permanent, and that you may face great danger if you do so.

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      Yes, just like mine but more feminine

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      Definitely, I picture my self with facial hair, more masculine body. And a happier life.

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      Let me thi…..Yes! But I would have narrower shoulders and a shorter torso. And smaller ears too.

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      yes… i would definitely do it… I have sometimes fantasized along those lines.

      I would remain a tall woman (just under 6 ft), around 175 lbs with a svelte /athletic feminine form.  face would of course be feminized coupled with shoulder-length red hair!

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      I would want a woman’s body but at my current height 5’8″ and light weight 160lbs. I would want small breast but I would want my hips and bottom more fully developed. I have nice legs and at my weight and weight my body can pass as it is now. I have a small nose and facial cheek bones that already pass if I am enfemme right now. There isn’t really anything I would change except for my hips, bottom to give me a bit more hour glass figure but not extremely so. Again, I would want small breasts not large ones.

      Dangers? I would be more concerned with discrimination about work and opportunity if I had a woman’s body. I wouldn’t be concerned about TG violence against me because I would have a woman’s body. There maybe concerns about sexual violence but I would expect it to be situational but not a daily concern

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      Of course I would change. I have a female figure but it is man size. I would want a body that was 5’8″, slender and athletic. And much younger than my 64 years. I would want to be young enough and able to have my own baby.

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      I would do it in a heartbeat. I am 5’10” 145.  I would love to be 5’6″ 125. Nice C cup breasts.  And I would have long luxurious hair instead of being bald and relying on wigs  : )

      All I want is to look on the outside like i feel on the inside.  So I guess since I am 51 I would also like to be 20 years younger.  lol, wouldn’t we all …

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