Any advice for picking names?

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      Hi Liam…

      Firstly, let me say I think Liam is a great name! I have had two friends called Liam. Think of Liam Neeson?

      I hated my male name all my life as it wasn’t the name my mother wanted… it was my bastard father’s name… and he didn’t stick around long either. My mother wanted to call me Stewart so I’ve taken that as my new surname as well as her female line’s middle name. Polly came to me as I would describe my wife as a ‘Polly-Anna’, always being positive etc. So I became Polly in her honour and it suits me as well.

      Just go with Liam, dude! Love Polly

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      You might want to look at the popular girls names around the time you were born so you stay somewhat close to your peers.  I would just read through those names and see if you have any OMG moments.

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      Maybe I did it wrong but I am happy with it, what I did was asked two members of my family to help me I mean family is normally the one who gives you a name and in a way, I think it helped me really know they accepted the real me. I had them each come up with ideas and then we all talked about it and picked the one we liked the most and then I added my twist to it, so Haley became Halie, and because I am a nerd girl Quinn was chosen purely by me so Halie Quinn Hamilton (unless I am in a mood to add a touch of the character I played for 39 years then it is Halie Quinn Specter)

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        I think you found another way for your name to come from your heart.  The sharing of the new you with your family was loving, the allowing them some role in your new life & name was generous and what family is all about.

        What you did had to come from your heart.  If your new name comes from your heart and from your families’ heart, then the new you and your family will never part.

        I am so happy for you Halie


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      I was born Anthony and got Tony as a man, but I always loved Antonia as a name anyway so it was a no brainer for me, plus I can still be known as Toni which will make any confusion easier to deal with

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      I would recommend that you have some type of a relationship with the name you pick, something that becomes you quickly and comfortably.  Maybe a favorite uncle or aunt, maybe a close friend from the past that was really special to you, but is now gone.  The name you pick should already flowing through your mind on some regular basis, and you remember the name as associated with love and respect.  Then you can step into the name and smile when you hear your name called.

      My real name is Bernard Patrick Luke O’Sullivan Monaan, but now I am Lukcia Patricia Sullivan.

      I have always hated Bernard, the creepy pedophile in too many movies; GONE.  Patrick was my Grandfather name; he was a famous artist and illustrated the original Tarzan novels, and a bunch of other stuff:  Patrick became Patricia.  Luke was my confirmation name as a little catholic boy.  This the only name I picked out back in 1958, way before skywalker: Luke became Lukcia.  My Grandfather was Patrick O’Sullivan, but he lost both his parents to the flu epidemic of 1918 (go-figure!).  A neighbor family, the Monahans adopted him. So I am really not a Monahan, I am an O’Sullivan, but I don’t buy off on the “O” stuff: GONE is Monahan and “O”.  ergo: Sullivan.

      All of my new names have deep meaning to me, emotional meaning, connected to my past meaning; that all leads to greater depth of acceptance of your new chosen name.  In reality you didn’t choose your new name, but various happy and respectable elements of your past choose your name for you.

      So many names are “faddish” in nature.  Fads fade, memories of where the name came from become thin and others don’t get it.  I would recommend against any form of faddish name selection.  Pick LOVE and RESPECT as your guides to your new name.  If it comes out of your heart, then you and your name will never part.


      Lukcia Patricia Sullivan

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      Carly Holloway

      Choose the name that resonates within you.   You, and only you, will know!

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      What feels right, try different names and pronouns with a friend, family member or (if you have one) supportive partner, who you trust, and see what feels right before revealing your name or pronoun to the wider world.  You could also include them in asking what they think may be a good name for you.

      Some people pick a name that is an alternate gendered version of their current name, some pick the name of someone they respect, whether its via popular culture or academia.

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      My dad called me Rickey after Lucille Ball’s husband, so I’m keeping the apple somewhat close to the tree I guess.

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      Pick a name you would feel comfortable going by in day to day life.  Remember, people will be calling you by that name, so pick a name that sounds right to who you are.  You may be surprised how fast your name “sticks,” so choose one that you will feel comfortable being called.  I would suggest picking a name that you would feel comfortable being paged as over the intercom of a busy department store.

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      I would say find something that represents you, and/or you find inspiring by how the name sounds verbally and its meaning.

      The first name that came to me was  one favorite books, The Tanya, but after some time, I felt it didn’t really fit. I later settled on Havaya, which ironically is also found in the book of Tanya. It essentially means “I will be who I will be” it also just sounds pretty.

      Try on a few and see where it goes 🙂

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      bobbi lewis

      my name yuck name is robert but i am bobbi. always have been

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      For my name, it was actually the name of the main character in a book I was planning. I had never really even thought of a female name for myself until I joined CDH and it asked for a name. Ayla was the first to pop into my head, and now a year or 2 later I’m still loving it. It’s definitely feminine, but it’s also got a lighthearted, playful feel to it that I think perfectly fits the woman I am inside.

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        Just reread the original post, and you definitely asked for advice. Haha. My advice would be to find something that represents who you are, whether that be directly or through the vibe of the name or whatever. And as a previous response said, you’ll know it when you find it.

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      Andy M

      In my head I have always been Amanda Catherine.
      Go with the first letter of your original name and see if anything fits.

      I always thought it’s like picking a baby’s name you’ll know it when you hear it.  For some, like me, it’s easy, for others devilishly hard.  Good luck.

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      ‘Genevieve’ Atkinson was a fictional character on the TV soap opera ‘The Young and the Restless’… played by Genie Francis.

      To me, the name sounds classy and uber feminine.


      Gen ❤

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