Big Girls Don’t Cry

Are you human?

How often are we really allowed to show our true emotional self’s. And when we do does it make us better people?

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     Izola Kate 


    If crying means I’m human then I certainly am. But I’ve also failed so many reCAPTCHA tests that I’m fairly sure I’m a robot too.  Love you ladies….

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    I find it difficult to cry in public because I am to busy with loading and aiming a come-back to/at the butt head trying to make me cry. But when my P.H.D. informed me I would be a woman, I did single stream from both eyes, If that qualifies? I did feel awesome after my cry and a little more human, (if you will).. In writing this I guess I feel as though I should let things out more and curb the animositary responses I tend to vent due to my family’s past behavior causing my defensive response.

    Miriya I have been meditating which causes me to think more before I speak. But crying is a tool I will try along with meditation and will let you know the ( if’s and or when”s ) girl.

    Huggz Tia

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       Miriya Paris 


      Tia, emotion is the next step to emptyness in meditation.  It will come when you are ready and if I may I will show you how.



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       Stephanie Kennedy 


      Hi ladies I cry when I am sad truly sad cannot help it. I have been conditioned to be a man so pretend I am not sad and turn my back while wiping away my years. I have testosterone being pumped through my brain on a daily basis . I am not that imotional due to the both It did not make me less sad. I really do not want to be so sad I would cry. That would be really sad.

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     Meran Berwyck 

    Who doesn’t like a good cry?  I mean, letting go of your emotions that we often put up a wall to hide them.  A good tear-jerker movie, a very happy moment, etc., why not let those tears flow.  I read somewhere that when a man cries, it releases increased testosterone!  Now, some are saying “Ewww! I don’t want that!”  I don’t mind shedding a tear anymore, I’m on t-blockers.  As long as my makeup holds up through the tears!

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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
    Managing Ambassador


    We are human and any attempts to make us think otherwise are the ultimate act of gas-lighting.

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     Dasia Anderl 


    I’m human. As if! I actually was arguing with a bi+ cis woman about trans mysogyny, oppression, all the money I’ve lost due to all the discriminations cisgender transphobes ($340,000 at last tally and counting) and at the end of it she actually said she didn’t think trans folx were human! What else would I be, seriously, the audacity! Omg, I hope this dumb assery of cisgender folx ENDS. Just stop already.

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       Stephanie Kennedy 


      I have to smile. I use to think that being trans was  like hearing from people that were abducted by aliens we all had similar story we all started recognizing it around same age we are from all over the world but I do think we are human. We are just special ❤️

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     Tiffany Alexis 


    As I am currently going thru a pretty hostile divorce and have two little boys, I can assure you Miriya I’ve cried plenty in the past month. I am not soft either, I’ve spent 23 years in emergency services and commanded disaster responses. Part of what I love about when I embraced what I am is that I am finally able to cry. And it helps a lot. It’s ok to express emotion and be sad. My life is better now for being able to do so at least.

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