Can You Be Attracted To Yourself?

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      Maybe it’s the bomb lighting, your killer outfit, or your “I woke up like this” glow. Regardless, some days you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and just think: “Damn.” But what if, when you stopped to take pause, you became aroused by your own reflection? Is there’s a difference between feeling yourself and actually being attracted to yourself?

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      [postquote quote=93213]
      I voted

      <span class=”gdpol-response-label”>Hell Yeah, I Da Bomb</span>

      Well, because I am Da Bomb, I make being sexy easy.

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        Oh I definitely know you can be attracted to ones own self! Albeit; physically or mentally or both . I’ve had this type of Gender euphoria happen several times,Lolzzzz and I felt exactly as u do now it’s awesome feeling especially when u notice all the other peeps checking you out and watching u with that Hate see u go but love watch u leave look!! What’s really funny is when the men are watching u more then they are their own women that really gets the bubbles floating to your stimulating parts of the brain

        So Yes and I say enjoy Dat Feeling!!! “WHO DAT Forever Gurl!!!!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈😉😉🚻🚹➡️🚺♋💯⛈⛈♥️ Stormy.

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          I’m sorry Stormy,

          “Applaud” was supposed to be “Appalled”.


          I hear what you are saying, but I’m not there.

          EVI 💞

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            Oh???? And why not?? I mean why do you not feel your there yet? It was the attraction to myself ,lemme see how put this…. Got me to be able to come out in public and everyone I know and expose my true Identity. Perhaps there’s something or someone your lacking…. as far as self or peer support I kept hanging out with women and asking questions  that would hopefully give me insite to this new world but also the uplifting as far as the awesome responses I would get about how I looked as a woman like was or did I pass as one?? Silly questions now i realize but made major impact on boosting inner self and self esteem at same time.😍😍😍👻👻🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️💃💃🤙

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            It comes from my late father. I watched him beat my mother when I was 6 yrs old, my mother intised him knowing how he would react. Yet, he made the choice to do it!

            I was my father’s first born”son”, he was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness with 7 older sisters. I look just like my father, I feel like a disgrace to all woman kind!

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      I voted Hell yeah as I can see i look good… but dont become aroused over myself.  I think this maybe gender euphoria, that positive association of gender, of seeing the real you and celebrating that you look amaze!

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        That’s what I’m talking about. When look good and feel good, Then you know your Da Bomb.

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        Dawn J

        Absolutely, Chloe-Anna. I agree 100%! I mean, to feel good is to look good. And, honey, I look mahvelous! Well, I don’t know about that, but I love the way I look– so much more than the old male presentation.

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      I voted possibly sometimes , i mean when i’m fully dressed up , dress on , the feel of pretty lingerie , panty , bra , slip , hose , heels , make up all dolled up i do feel sexy and i think i look cute . Just look at all the products made possible to women for this very thing . A lot of company’s depend on making a woman beautiful , as trans women we fall into this category . And of coarse when we are in drab mode , not so pretty feeling , things get in the way and we have no choice but to endure this part , family , work etc. Regardless of my dress i try to feel as fem as possible , i think fem there for i am , right ? Remember , regardless of how you are dressed , think and feel pretty inside , its you and it will always be you , you made the choice long ago . We are pretty inside , out when we can . We are pretty women , here us purr . Leslie

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      After 50 years I’m finally happy to see myself in the mirror. The days of self-loathing are gone and I finally understand what self-love is.

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      I can never be attracted to whom I am now, physically! I am absolutely head over heels in love with the woman I am going to become.

      I cringe at my own reflection! When I venture into public I can see the sideways glances, I remind myself that I can’t feel how they are feeling and I can’t see what they are thinking. Even still, when I get home and look into the mirror,…………… I’M JUST SIMPLY APPALLD AT WHAT I SEE!

      THIS ISN’T ME!

      I would like to add that I have a very fit, attractive body, I do have a pretty face with KILLER eyes. (Toot toot).

      The reason I can’t except my body is because of the image of “a man” when I was leaning what that was, was a very, very bad image to me and it’s sickening knowing how men treated women. This I was seeing as I was just learning that life was bigger than me.

      Now, I do love myself for who I am, I am ashamed of who I think other people see me as.

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      Absolutely after much deep thought, and past relationship experience I believe it’s my main reason I started crossdressing. For me in a sense, it greatly diminishes the frustration and complications of trying to find a significant other. A dress, wig, chain, mirror, and a little makeup and boom found them.

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      Ok so I’m not going to vote and here is why, I don’t think I’m sexually attracted to myself per se but I think I’m sexually attractive. Idk it’s odd but I love the woman I’m becoming and of course I think she’s hott! Lol

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      No , not attractive to myself , don’t think there would be enough batteries for B.O.B for that .

      However though , I’m very good looking and my males friends drool somethings depending how I’m dressed for the day .

      I always get hit on no matter where I go and I love the attention ,had three strangers ask me to marry them …

      So ya , I’m that blonde bombshell !!!



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      Certainly I would not date myself as I am a mess, way too high maintenance.  However in the ability to feeling sexy and confident I do like myself enough to look good and try to look better. But does it make me attracted to myself? Self love? In a way yes but not sexually. I feel looking at your self in the mirror and seeing … well perceiving what you look like and trying to make both images look there best requires a bit of self love. It is all just not a glam up to get a date btw, however when you get a compliment it is a confirmation that you must have done something right. Now on a flip side when I see someone who did take the time to look good physically and mentally I am attracted to them, if for nothing else but to get some to rub off on me, plus the obvious reasons.


      Just my thoughts.


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      oh yes every time dress up look and get aroused looking at the beauty have done to myself.

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      Yes I am attracted to myself. I started this transition about 16 months ago and at that time I had NO idea that this would work in my favor and that I would become and look like a very attractive woman.

      I love to look at myself in the mirror and many people like to look at me at meet me. I am 56 years old but when en femme and doing my thing I look so much better/younger.

      At this point in time, I consider myself pre-hrt and in the social transitioning stage. I live my life part time as a woman, just to see how it goes. It’s going well and it has cause my social circle to increase significantly compared to me as my ‘male-self’. I do work hard every day to look good though. Can’t wait to start hrt…

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      Well sometimes when I get everything done right ready to go out, I can’t believe it, finally I’m who I am.

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      I have become very attractive to myself but it comes and definitely goes . No pun intended lol . A few times I guess I just surprised myself , I’d get completely dressed up and find myself looking in the mirror instead of my phone 🤷🏻‍♀️ . I hope it’s self love ?!  Definitely not a regular thing , I kinda felt like the girl version of Christian Bale in American Psycho 🤣 .

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      I generally love what I see in the mirror now, unlike how I used to feel.

      I delayed transition partially out of a fear that I’d make an ugly woman.

      Nope, I think I’m cute AF when dolled up en femme.


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        More specifically to your question: I’d do me in a heartbeat! 😉


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          Now that’s what I’m talking about

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        When I put on my girlie clothes and look at myself in the mirror,  I do get a sense of attraction too. I love the woman I am becoming, and see the potential. It is hard after many years of looking at my male face to envision my features looking anything other than that, but with a little subtle make up I might just get there. I’m 52 and my eyesight isnt great, so that in itself is a challenge! How do you apply eyeliner without your glasses on?

        Ive never felt that before in my male clothes, even when i got married

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      Cheryl T

      Do I find myself sexy?

      Well, sometimes yes, sometimes very yes. But also sometimes no. There are days when everything just clicks and I feel very sexy, very attractive and yes it turns me on. I become both physically and emotionally excited and of course I feel the need for release. On those days I long for the attention of another and mourn the fact that it’s not available to me.

      On the days when the answer is no, it’s a drain. I’m sure everyone, or at least most people who are honest with themselves, have days like this. It’s the I’m too fat, or OMG look at those wrinkles or whatever and it’s difficult to get in motion and go about my day.

      Am I attracted to myself? I would say no. I have good points and bad points and knowing what I know I have to say I’m not attracted to myself. I would say that if I am attracted to someone else and they don’t respond that I feel they are missing out on something good. But no, I’m not attracted to myself.

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      I love looking at myself. I love modeling a new thong or a cute outfit in front of the mirror. I never leave the house without checking myself out and making sure that my ass looks cute in whatever I am wearing. It makes me feel sexy and confident, and besides, a girl can’t stay single forever. I guess I’m a tease.

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      I pity the fool! As Mr. T would say; I pity the fool that wasn’t attracted to themselves.  As several people have indicated; self-awareness to include attraction is an up and down thing.  Not because you are on and off attracted to yourself, but because we are all busy.  Multitasking has been shown to be a skill set that doesn’t really exist, everyone attends to one thing at a time.  You may switch your attention quickly and smoothly, but people do not think of two things at a time.

      I pity the fool that sincerely isn’t attracted to themselves, because that condition needs counseling, needs a better social support group, needs compassion.  Truly never being attracted to yourself will lead to many social ills all the way to suicide.  People do kill themselves, so this profound decision that one is unattractive does happen.

      Research indicates that changes in appearance take 5 days to accept as the new normal for that person; that research was based on a study of woman getting a significantly different hair styling cut.  That being said; most of us see ourselves many times over many years; by nature that becomes our normal.  Slight enhancements, new cloths, whiter teeth, etc; lead to increased appreciation of self.  Maybe we are only attractive a small piece of ourselves, but that is still us.  In order to maintain a self-supportive version of mental health we must find ourselves attractive.  If you don’t find yourself attractive; get help.

      I myself, have always found at least something about me attractive.  After I retired from the military after 34 years, I ballooned up to 270 lbs.; girl: let me tell you, that was one hard time to find myself attractive.  But that was a good version of “unattractive”; I knuckled down and have since lost 70 of those lbs.  I need to lose more and get down to the 175 lbs. I was in the military, but meanwhile I find myself more and more attractive everyday.  Self-attraction gets us out of bed to exercise, try to improve our makeup skills, drives us to EnFemme for some sexy cloths.  Self-attraction lets us walk down the street as a woman, unashamed, confident.

      Eight months ago I started hormone replacement therapy; it was since then that I lost all that weight, it was since then that I restarted liking me and finding myself attractive.  I remember walking across in front of our large bathroom mirror, and thinking how gross I looked.  My whole life I was too busy to attend to my desire to be a girl, plus being born in 1952; it would be 50 years before any iota of social acceptance would occur.  I retired at 66, and for the next two years did not take care of myself.  I finally at 67 broke down and saw my doctor and cried for a hour explaining how I always wanted to be a girl.  That was nine months ago.

      I was unattractive to myself, and I sought help.  I am so much happier now it is freaky.  I brought a new bikini from Macy’s the other day, they fit, but I pouch out here and there a bit.  I am going to fix those pouches; so a desire to be attractive to yourself is a good thing.  I find myself attractive now, but I want to find myself much more attractive in the coming months and years.  This whole discussion is about “Mental Health”.  I don’t quite want to have sex with myself yet, but give me a year.


      Lukcia Patricia Sullivan

      I also love my name

      I ramble on a lot, but I am a retired military doctor: doctors ramble on a lot!!

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      Absolutely! Haley is an attractive, shapely girl and I think she is sexy as hell!


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      I’ve found that I can find myself attractive if I’m in the right outfit and in the right mood. For me, being attracted to someone has 2 components that may either coexist or exist by themselves. Romantic, which is candle lit dinners, kissing, hands holding, and a deep spiritual bond. And… Sexual, none of the other stuff, let’s just get naked. I can feel both or either. I find that if I had the opportunity to have either of those things with myself (a clone???) and wasn’t weirded out by it…I wouldn’t feel either…even if I fully aware that I’m hot as hell. Attractive, but never attracted to.

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      Hell yes! Isn’t that part of it? How could you not melt to see the woman/man you should have been. As I see myself becoming the real deal…I get goosebumps. Mind you I still have a long way to go yet and my eyesight isn’t what is was (bless mother nature for that.)

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        Talking about eyesight going. Man I think I will be near blind in 20 years. Sometimes mother nature is cruel

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        Yes I agree with Alex Louise 100%

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      Yes, I am. The feel of attraction and beauty comes from inner and visual attractiveness. As Margo I love myself even without make up, jewelry, mini, heels, or all my other girl persona because inside, the glow, the warmth, the awakening of suppressed self make me who I want to be and who I love. Add the just right outfit and bingo I am in love!!!

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        Yes of course when you dress up and you feeling sexy and you look at the mirror and you look at yourself and you say wow so of course you can be attracted to yourself because you need your approval. And with that approval comes confidence and arousal.
        Thanks for the question

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      I’ve always fallen in love with who I am when I dress Lauren as the beautiful woman she is. Going all the way back to when I was 12, standing in front of the full length mirror wearing my mom’s lingerie and heels, knowing the person in the reflection was really who I was. Even when I was only five I was in love with my feminine self, always wishing the male self could disappear forever.

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      If I do the full Monty and go shopping for new everything, matching lingerie high heels or boots dress and top or two piece suit or active clothes maybe an overcoat and jewelry, I find when I’m purchasing all this items my adrenaline is blooding even after 40 years of doing this, when I get home bath shave all over and dress up slowly and apply my breasts wig and make up I do all this cos I love the female side of me and I’ve taken photographs of me female and I’ve had pleasure of  them back as a man, cos for me I’m sexy as hell and I know I’m a lady outside bur a naughty girl in the bedroom. Lol xxx

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        I understand completely where you are coming from. Im not out as of now but its so exciting to go shopping for a new outfit!!!

        • #129215

          Hello Rachel where do you live as I’m open to new friends with like minded ideas and thinking, I’m so looking for a partner to play out with shop and all the stuff on the weekends. If you to chat more please contact here waiting darling xx

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      Possibly Sometimes…. Although its not as common as it use to be for myself.

      It use to be greater in feeling when I use to dress up in private as a teenager. I liked how I looked in pantyhose and womens items and I was like wow I am attracted to my own appearance and I am not sure if this is normal so going to keep this to myself. It usually lead into me posing different ways in a mirror and a feedback loop of giving myself a leg show and exciting myself.

      But I desensitized myself greatly from a teenager to the age of 46 and now I will look at myself in some items worn and be like wow my legs and butt look good and it now sort of ends with that. I think finding a life partner who accepts me as transgender and allows me to be myself I have more fun with the fact that we both are very close in size to where we both will dress each other up and so that attraction to self is greatly being redirected to attracted to her and her attracted to me whereas when I was alone without anyone who accepted me and was attracted to myself as a female it caused me to be more attracted to myself and so I use to spend a few hours on days off in private dressing up and attracted to the show that I gave myself in all that of which my most favorite look was looking at my feminine legs in the pantyhose and my small butt. I was so happy that I looked so female and hot to myself.

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      From a very young age I recognized the slenderness feature of my body and how I don’t feel right in baggy boys clothing. So yes I am attracted to the profile of my body, but I was never able to look at my face in the mirror because I was unhappy with not only how I look but myself as well. I wished that I had a more attractive slender face to go with my body (well actually I still wish this).

      I remembered I started shaving my arms and legs in my early teens just because I liked how smooth my skin felt. This was before I even had a computer or saw anything that told me to do it, maybe it was admiring the other girls, but it seemed to be a natural internal desire. I remembered another kid in class saw my shaved arms and told me “only girls shave”.

      I have only been able to look at myself in the mirror and love myself since I accepted who I am.

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      I think that most of us pass through an extremely narcissistic phase in late puberty-early adolescence, and that effects us all very differently. Like so many boys of the Fifties and Sixties, I had quite an abusive childhood and my first recognition of myself as having a  real and unique identity came via my exploding awareness of my own sexuality – and especially watching myself naked, performing in the mirror during endless episodes of my  ‘sinful self pampering’  – as my mostly perverted religious carers called it: And that definitely influenced my sexual identity.

      I fell in love with this beautiful, androgynous, lightly muscled – but also feminine, sylph-like boy, performing for me, and giving me so much pleasure, at a time when I was fantasising constantly about girls. And I believe that I absorbed a lot of that desire for girls into myself.

      I had been incarcerated in violently authoritarian Catholic Boarding Schools from the age of 5 and only escaped at 18, so long before I lost my virginity to a girl, I had lost it to my hand, that of other boys,  and to my female alter ego.

      I had become both the object and the subject of own desire.

      I was terrified of growing up and deeply resented having the demands of masculinity and adulthood being thrust upon me before I’d experienced any sort of childhood.

      I was a very athletic 15 year old, a good boxer and I never ever took a backward step, but God, being a fearless, heteronormative guy was so exhausting!

      I think that my crossdressing and bisexuality allows me to access that pre-stressful place again, where I feel so light and free to give rein to my femininity – when I was neither one thing nor the other and never fully a boy nor a girl, a child nor an adult, straight nor gay, dominant nor submissive, just  someone who delights in sitting on the fence – rather being stuck in any one place in particular.

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      Toni Floria

      For me it takes the right outfit and the mood I’m in but when it clicks  look out you go girl 👗

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      So I’ve been transitioning now for just over a year and despite a definite change in appearance due to makeup, clothing and deportment I have always struggled to see “me” in the mirror. I just have never seen what I thought was an attractive female. That all changed for me yesterday!!💞 I took off my makeup before bed and was in the middle of my skincare routine when I glanced up into the mirror. As I did my heart kinda jumped, looking back at me in the mirror was a beautiful woman! We stood there staring at each other for a couple hours of minutes, I think perhaps it was shock that held my gaze for those moments but when I came back to my senses I started my usual scrutiny of what I was seeing. This time was so so different though. All I could see looking back was female, and WOW she was cute! I’ve been in a state of euphoria ever since. Going to bed was such a rush. I felt fully, completely, female as I lay there. This morning I woke feeling wonderful, the anxiety of wether or not the vision would stick was heavy enough n my mind as I made my way back to that mirror. As I turned the corner and she came back into view the elation was immediate and all consuming. For the first time in my entire life I feel I am exactly who I want to be. Thank you so much for this forum, it has given me a chance to share a beautiful moment that I hope will give some hope to another who is struggling! 🥰

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