Daily life while going through facial hair removall

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    I just finished reading an article on another site where a girl out on a week long femme vacation switched back to drab because she needed to go buy a razor and I had to give a little giggle.  Having been on regular electrolysis for almost a year I know that there is no way around having some days where you just can’t shave in prep for the next appointment.  The first few time s I had to do this I was not living full time so it was no big deal, but half way through the year I had deal with being femm and having beard growth.  After all this is going to take 3 yrs or more I’m told.  Fortunately I have my own office so I could just hide out there and minimize my exposure, but eventually there are needs to be out more publicly including the 5 block walk down Main Street twice daily.  Eventually I figure out a foundation and bronzer combination that mostly hid it, but up close in the mirror it looked horrifying.  So I found my self trying to keep as much distance as i could.  Then my boss decided that every morning his team needed to huddle in his office.  I ended up begging my electrologist to fit me into her Saturday schedule so the worst day was a day off.  Now its just Fridays that are uncomfortable, but through time I’ve found that unless someone gets up and close to me they cant tell that I have a couple days growth, which by the way gets to be shorter and shorter.  The funny part is,  I see women who have more facial hair than me now.  I know some of them are just as uncomfortable as me and I feel sympathetic pangs of anxiety.


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    Well , it’s an issue with facial hair growth and my growth is slow but still there is with blonde/grey , shows my age , ha! Ha ! a child of the 1960’s , in my case at home eplitating then using carbon dye pushed into the raw roots that conducts the electricity works using a Tria laser or high Intensity light beam saves money and embarrassment going to the salon bearded or least shaggy looking , eventually it’ll be a thing of the past having beard growth.


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